10 Fashion design course tips , fees and information

I have just completed my Fashion design course from Delhi, and would like to give all you aspirants an inside look at what this course entails, what you all should be ready for ,what to expect and what not to.  These tips on fashion design ,you will not find in any college prospectus or brochure, it is first hand experience.

One can join Fashion Designing course even after 10th grade from many institutes . Which will be for 2 To 3 years. And if you are a Graduate you can join such Diploma courses for the period of 1 to 3 years. (3years course is mainly a degree course and less than 3 are Diploma courses  !

1.Fashion designing is way too good for any girl who is in love with fashion . Whether looking for a  career in it or for just for a fun course.

2.It opens the doors to freedom of your creativity.

3.The Fashion design course  does not mean mugging up or copying , or what you see your favorite stars are wearing today . Fashion is what gives you confidence and happiness with whatsoever you are wearing, designing . If you are wearing a short skirt and feel awkward about it, then its not fashion for you because you arn’t confident in it.

4.Fashion design course not just opens doors for your apparel designing but you can design shoes and jewelry too.

5.In fashion designing course, you learn skills to draw and create designs . Colour combos, patterns, Garment construction, apparel designing , and Illustrations will be your subjects.

6.Garment construction is  as important as sketching your design on paper . Remember one thing, your tailor cannot stitch just by you providing him a sketch of your design . Knowledge of garment construction is important. Even in an emergency when the tailor is not available or you need to edit anything last minute.

fashion design course tips

One of my designs

7.Illustration helps you presenting your designs professionally. And while presenting your fresh designs to your clients as a computer is not available always to help you here .

8.Pattern designing helps you understand patterns of your art.

9.Apparel gives freedom to drawn your art in many ways. Our very own creation with basic tricks with own Variation touch.

10. One needs a heavy pocket for a fashion design course as besides Fees there are many other expenses like Raw materials, Field trips,sketch pens,paper,drawing boards,dress material- which can be quite expensive and other miscellaneous craft products. So be prepared to shell out another 2-3k per semester minimum over these extras.

1 fashion design course tips


10 Fashion design course tips

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