5 ways to detect online scamsters

The chinese web markets have brought an immense change to the overall shopping experience.As of this moment,the largest online escrow as well as the largest online stores are all chinese.Shopping at these portals are fun but come at a small risk.Thousands of shoppers have complained about scam operators and traders.There are several websites and forums dedicated to helping people who have been victims of online fraud,and these  sites  help them to deal with the problem.The fraudulent trading companies are blacklisted on these forums so that in future,others may not fall prey.But these chinese scamsters are smarter,after doing a con job,they change thier contact details,website address and other information and resurface in another avatar to claim thier next prize.They are virtually untrackable and untracable.The local law force admits that too.

So better than getting cheated  by online scamsters,lets look at some dead giveaways.Better safe than sorry.

1.A starting point would be to check the landline phone number.Its important that they have one,and not only a cellphone number.The landline number prefix can be cross checked with the address of the office or factory.It should of course be the same province and city.If there isnt any landline,theres one hint.

2.Many tech company salesgirls’ will offer you almsot unbeleivable offers and discounts.Some throw in deals like”buy 1000 pieces and get 2 laptops free” or 25 % off on stocks.Its tempting when all the other traders are offering you the same product for say $5 and then this one company offers it to you for $3.50, it should make you weary,not tempted.Be on your guard for such out of the box  offers.Remeber,if its too good to be true,it isnt.

3.A legitimate trader/manufacturer will always have a self hosted website.If the website is on a free hosted server,or the design seems too “templated” its something to think about.I once noticed about 5 different company websites with the same map of thier office!Additionally,a whois lookup would put any doubts to rest.

4.Checking the background of the trading company on the shopping website is a good indicator of how genuine it is.Things like customer reviews and comments are important.If a company is newly listed on the website,it wouldnt be a good idea to trade with them,until someone else has,and has posted a positive report about it.

5.Someting that might seem unimportant but that been a dead giveaway is the company price brochure.Most traders give a price list in the form of .xls.There had been a time when two companies gave me the EXact same file,but different prices,there was only one way to figure out who was fake and who was real.The cheaper offer was fake,and it was soo easy to understand that because he tried to sell me a grand piano for $2000.Thats ridiculous by any standards!


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  1. Mike money November 11, 2011 at 7:28 am #

    Hey,great article, i have been a victim of fraud on a chinese website,and it was bad experince for our company.Im glad you are making more peeople aware of the perils that one may face while doing business with the chinese

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