8 best Android phones under 7000

There maybe other articles on the web about cheap android phones.But thats what exactly they are CHEAP, nothing else.Here,i want to concentrate more on quality at a cheap price. As far as i can,let try to focus on big brands that offer excellent handsets rather than local companies that simply import them from China.In this list however there are one or two exceptions of a few worth while upcoming Indian mobile phone brands.If in addition to this, there are any note worthy Android phones under 7000 that i may have missed out,you can suggest it to the readers in the comments.


 1.LG Optimus L3 e400

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

  • The reason why the LG Optimus is firs on the list is because of its overall great  features that you can buy for just about Rs.7000. These include a 3MP rear camera, a capacative screen that measures 3.2 inches and comes with Android version 2.3.According to me, the only other brand that can rival Samsung as far as quality goes is LG, and the advantage LG has over Samsung is that most of its electronic products are atleast 8%-10% cheaper.

Approx Price- Rs.7000










2.Samsung Galaxy Y s5360

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

This was the first Samsung phone i ever used, and after using it, i decided that i would never use another branded smartphone ever again.I dont think that anyone would have any complaints about the Galaxy Y as far as a fasst processor coupled with a good looking frame,2MP camera and a 3 inch touchscreen. Sadly the screen is not as less than the LG optimus L3. The next line of smartphones in the Galaxy series is the Galaxy Ace with a 3.5″ screen. The best thing about the Galaxy Y is the performance,you can multitask extremely,open many applications without any glitches or hangs.You can be sure you made a good decision when you buy this phone, as you know you have the best branded smartphone in your pocket,enough said.

Approx Price- Rs.6950






3.Samsung Galaxy Pocket s 5300

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012




With features almost identical to the Galaxy Y, this particular phone wasn’t promoted as much as the Galaxy Y. The only difference between the  Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Pocket is the screen size,which is 2.8 inches compared to the Galaxy Y 3 inches. Other features are all the same  like the OS, Android 2.3, a 2MP camera and 800 Mhz processor. One of the reasons this didn’t sell as much as the Galaxy Y was the negligible price difference between the two,its hardly 300 odd rupees.

Approx Price- Rs.6600




4.Samsung Galaxy y  Duos lite s5302

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012



Since the Galaxy Y has been one of the hottest selling Android phones from the Samasung Galaxy range of smartphones,this is a brand new phones  which just released in the market one month ago. Many claim that this is a hacked down version of the original Galaxy Y, while others say its a hybrid between the Original Galaxy Y and the Galaxy Pocket.The only new feature to this phone is its ability to have two GSM sim slots.

Approx price- Rs.6700







5.Huawei Ideos x3 u8510

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

Just one Chinese/Taiwanese phone on our list.Some people are predjuced against the words Made in China, as far as mobile phones are concerned, but my reasons for choosing the Ideos X3 are for its dual camera. Its rare to find a cheap android (ver. 2.3)phone under 7000 with front and rear cameras. This one has a 0.3 MP front camera and rear camera of 3.2MP coupled with an above average 3.2 inch screen.Just falling short of the Samsung Galaxy Y processor, The X3 is powered with  600 mhz , which is more tha nsufficient for most internet apps and games.
  • Appr0x price- Rs.5850






6.Idea Aurus

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

  • When i included the Aurus in our list, i hoped the phone would be better than the network and service that Idea provides.At just about Rs. 7000 this smartphone is power packed with great surprises  These include a dual camera with rear camera having a 5MP and front secondary for video calls 0.3 MP. This phone is ideal for Skype type chat apps and also has a large screen of 3.5 inches,compared to other phones in this range.Again with  and a 800 mhz processor, this seems like a good buy if you already are an Idea customer. It makes sense to give this phone a shot if you already subscribe to Idea as you would probably get alot of cheap schemes like 6 months free 3G usage etc.

Approx Price- Rs.7000




7.Karbonn a7 Plus

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

  • Karbonn is one of the newer breeds of local companies that rely on imported handsets to sell in our markets.No doubt some of these custom built imports are excellent in all regards, but my only concern is of the after sales service and how dependable and reliable it is.Apart from that, you get features that you would have to pay atleast 5000 more for a better brand.The Karbonn a7 plus comes with a 3.5 inch screen,dual camera with 5MP and front camera 0.3 MP. The bes thing about this phone is its powerful 1GHZ processor that will make operating it extremely fun and easy to use. Apps and games would open and appear much smoother with this processor  Not to mention it aso has a a dual sim slot too. Many features this phone has at a  very competitive price.Runs Android v2.3
  • Approx Price- Rs.6850









8.Micromax A73

Android phones under 7000 in India 2012

  • Last but not least,i saved  something promising for last. Over a short period of time i have seen Micromax evolve from  just another “China Import” mobile phone company into something much more. It is probably one of the only companies that continues to give us unbelievably fature packed phones at one third the price of the foreign brands.The latest Micromax A110 is a 5 inch monster that can compete with any S3, all under Rs.10,000.
  • Here lets talk about the A73,with Dual cameras(2MP/0.3MP),Dual sim slots,3.5 inch screen,650 Mhz processor and Android 2.3.
  •  These specs are very similar to the Karbon A7, IDea Aurus and the Huawei Ideos X3, but with Micromax’s future seems very bright, and is surely leading the pack from the local handset producers.If you plan on going in for an Indian brand,i would suggest Micromax.



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