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What OEM means?

One of the most common terms we hear in the hardware markets these days,when we go to buy optical drives,memory cards or anything remotely linked to a microchip.Its a common question for the vendor or reseller to ask you, “oem or original?”,and most of just shrug,because we don’t know the difference. So whats all this […]

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Lets call this our not so comprehensive but essential listing of computer prices mumbai that we have compiled.It is based on mumbai market prices but may vary 10% either way for other major cities.Feel free to add to the list. MARCH  2010 Memory Hynix 2GB  1333Mhz DDR3-750 Kingston 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3-1050 Corsair 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3-1150 Mushkin 2GB […]

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IEC code application form

IEC code application form – Getting the IEC code is not a complex process.A Simple procedure of filling the IEc code application form and submitting the required documents is all that is needed. In order to import goods at a commercial level,a mandatory license is issued by the DGFT (directorate general of foreign trade) that […]

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IMPORT GOODS FROM CHINA Always wanted your favorite tablet pc, or that new touch screen phone that wont be in town for another 2 months?  You can do this yourself, cheaper.Most of these electronic goods are assembled in china,and all of great quality,the greatest multinationals have their factories in china,or some simply source the production […]

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Restaurant Business Plan in Mumbai

Done with your hospitality diploma?and now you want to open a restaurant in india do you?For those few who have a streak of maverickism in them, read on The world loves glamour,beautiful people,the world loves food,and if you can make a lil money while youre at it,,why not wouldn’t you say,Two years of experience in a […]

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