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Difference between Federal and Private Student Loans

Difference between Federal and Private Student Loans – Interest, sanction and repayment being the factors. INTEREST Federal Student loans have a fixed rate of interest for all loans sanctioned after july 2006.This means that during the course of the repayment tenure,it stays the same.Of the Federal loans available,Stafford loans have an interest rate of 8.35% whereas […]

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CHASE STUDENT LOAN REVIEW- Chase student loans are backed by mega corp J.P.Morgan Chase that has an asset base of well over a $ 1 trillion. They  are one of the best private student loans out there, used by millions of students every year for graduate study and college. For many students reading this CHASE […]

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Credila education loan eligibility

Credila education loan eligibility

If you have got admission to a university and need funding, either a bank or a private financial institute will be an option to get a loan. If you want to go for a private institution, make sure to meet the Credila education loan eligibility that is given below.Make sure to meet all these requirements to […]

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Education loan statement

Education Loan in India Bank Statement

My personal experience with an education loan in india gave me a choice between a private lender and a nationalized bank. After seeing many online adverts about Credila, I decided to contact them and learn more about how much better of worse an eduction loan from  private lender can be. The full story about the Credila […]

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CREDILA Education Loan Application Form

There are two ways that you can get your fill up your CREDILA Education Loan Application Form Before going ahead and downloading the application form, read our CREDILA REVIEW 1.Online Form  available HERE 2.Download it in pdf format, save to your computer and fill it later.Download HERE   Details about Student,Co-Borrower and Guarantor along with supporting documents need […]

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FAFSA stands for free application for federal student aid. It is a type of grant given to students for higher education, similar to the pell grant. It is imperative that all international students fill in this form at the time of admission even though they have already previously sought financial aid from their home country, […]

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CREDILA EDUCATION LOAN REVIEW After getting bombarded with marketing messages the last one week, by an organisation called “CREDILA” that “offered quick education loans” ,we decided to dig deeper and find out how reputable their services actually are.It turns out that Credila offers education loans to  the tune of up to 20 lacs for international education and […]

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REMITTANCE PROCESS FOR EDUCATION LOAN  After the education loan is sanctioned,it is a fairly  simple process for the  remittance process to go through.Four attachemnts have to be submitted to the bank/financial institution from where the loan has been procured,in order to facilitate the transfer of funds from the local bank, to the overseas bank account(personal […]

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