Difference between IIT JEE and AIEEE

Many 10+2 students are getting ready for the final showdown. Besides being an entrance exam for a different set of colleges that each of these represent, the difference between IIT JEE and AIEEE is varied along the lines of exam duration, type of questioning, slight variation in syllabus and study pattern. On the outside, AIEEE […]

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8 FAQs about AIEEE

1.Where do I fill in the Aieee online application form? AIEEE Application Form  can either be made ONLINE or submitted on prescribed application  form only. To fill the AIEEEE Application Form ONLINE, follow the link 2.Where can I get a hardcopy of the application form?  Personally from Regional Offices of CBSE and Designated Branches of Syndicate Bank/other Banks/Designated Institutions. The […]

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How to Identify an Engineering Student

Ill admit this isnt an original piece of work,but was posted on a social network.I thought it was hilariously true How to Identify an Engineering Student?   Someone who: 1.At the beginning of the semester thinks “this time ill start studying right from the start”. 2.Who Thinks “i shouldve taken Commerce in 12th” 3.Spends 3 […]

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aeronautical engineering colleges info and salary

Everyone of us has at some point used the phrase “its not rocket science” when talking about something that is quite simple, and not as complex and difficult to do as rocket science.Well heres some news for you, “Rocket Science” is infact a generic name for aerospace and aeronautical engineering. This genre of engineering deals […]

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Engineering Syllabus Mumbai University Revised

engineering syllabus mumbai university revised  SEMESTER 1 IMPORTANT 1.Subjects are arranged from Hard to Easy. 2.Finish study of hard subject FIRST, easy subjects can be completed in 1 week time 3.DO NOT under any circumstances, try and cover all the topics here ,leave out 25% in all subjects,and the rest 75% be a master of […]

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FE Engineering ATKT/ KT

FE Engineering ATKT / KT – For a full list of questions and answers about FE engineering ATKT / KT click here. It has all the queries that are related to passing and failing in the main subjects. ATKT HISTORY In the Old course that ended in 2001, F.E had 16 subjects. Rule was to allow […]

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ATKT engineering-ALL CLEAR or all down

Clearing all your papers in the semester is extremely hard,(not getting an ATKT or KT as we say) clearing none of them is scarcely heard of. Few people have been in both those  situations ,and not many would love to narrate the experience. Its a simple formula ,you study,  and you shall pass,so don’t look […]

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Best Mumbai Engineering Colleges of 2011

For all those of you who haven’t yet taken admission,here is a comprehensive unbiased list,that has been set by our fellow students from various colleges,not by some readers poll or newspaper reporter who probably didn’t even visit any  of these venues,or who cant even spell engineering. Our own scale and rank of the top 25 mumbai […]

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IS an engineering degree worth it?

Without stirring up a controversy here,in my personal opinion,id say that the engineering degree is an absolute test  of  your intellect and a sordid waste of your time.If you took that miserable piece of paper and went out for a  job, chances are youll end up at the visiting the  dusty/sulphur ridden back entrance of […]

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