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Import of VFX Oculus without IEC

Import of VFX Oculus without IEC in India

Import of VFX Oculus without IEC in India – Few days ago, i decided to import one of the best next gen VFX Oculus headsets that will hit the commercial market soon. Its only in the development stage, and can be ordered online  on the Oculus website. The VFX Oculus Rift is the future of […]

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How to import from Taiwan

How to import from Taiwan – Everyone has heard of Chinese imports and “Shenzhen goods” that have flooded every market in all the metro cities of the world.The reason i am writing this guide on how to import from Taiwan and not China, is because i have dealt first hand with a source from Taiwan and have […]

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Customs clearance process in usa is fairly simple as there is no official  license required to import from overseas DOCUMENTS 1.airway bill/bill of lading/sea way bill These bills of lading must contain information origin and destination airport or dock, incoterms of shipping like FOB,EXW CIF.etc Weight and general mention of type of cargo, complete address […]

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Online money transfer service providers

Online money transfer service providers Ikobo New age overseas money transfer method that employs a VISA prepaid card for instantaneous withdrawal at any local ATM. Fees start at 8$ for $1000 remittance. this service can be linked to your credit card or bank account for you to start transferring money to someone overseas. The prepaid visa card […]

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Fedex courier service review

Fedex courier service review – For first time users of a shipping service, you may have many doubts and concerns  about how to ship Fedex and tracking procedures, charges  regarding how they clear import customs and documentation.The Courier that i use frequently is Fedex, so ill explain the easiest way to ship a small parcel through them.You […]

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Exchange Rates for customs India November 2012

Exchange Rates for customs

Exchange Rates for customs – The exchange rates for customs in India on an average twice a month.Exchange rates are one of the most closely watched statistics for import and export and even a marginal fluctuation can cost an importer/exporter a large amount of money. Exchange Rate Currency Import  Export US Dollar 54.55 53.55 Euro […]

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ocean freight shipping in india

Ocean Freight Shipping – Documents and Charges

Ocean Freight Shipping  – After you have selected your manufacturer / exporter for your product from the source country, the next step is to ship it either by air or ocean freight. Ocean freight shipping  as other parts of the world, has a much longer Transit Time (T/T) ranging anywhere from 15 days to 45 […]

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Shipping to India

Shipping to India Procedure

Shipping to India Procedure -Most people reading this are wondering how difficult the process of shipping to india is.In most cases,shipping for various products is managed by the online seller.Im guessing the majority of us buy products from China websites,Ebay and Amazon.Before making a purchase it would be useful to check up the customs duty rates […]

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Courier and delivery companies from china

Courier and delivery companies from china – When you purchase products from ALIEXPRESS, all of the merchants offer shipping and handling of their products. Deciding which courier is best for you goes a little more than just the price.In some cases depending how far you live from China,shipping costs can be incredibly high. In the […]

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Baggage rules at customs simplified

Baggage rules at customs simplified – When disembarking and approaching customs counter at the airport, all passengers that are arriving into the country have hand baggage and luggage. Luggage has to be picked up from the convener belt section and includes suitcases and large bags, whereas hand baggage includes small bag that can be carried […]

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Benefits of Bonded Warehouse

Benefits of Bonded Warehouse – A bonded warehouse or a bonding area is a private or public warehouse that is under the control of Customs Department and is usually near a major dock or docking station. In some cases Bonding warehouse is owned/maintained by docking authorities  a port trust. This is a special type of […]

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hs code for import from china

hs code for import from china – Compilation of most utilized imported products for quick easy reference and lookup of HS code.All products shown here have basic duty free,however other duties,taxes and surcharges are applicable. READ – Customs duty import rates tariff after GST How to write a Customs duty authorization letter format How easily […]

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5 Biggest Freight Forwarding Carriers

The biggest freight forwarding carriers in the world 2011 Ups Revenue (2010)=$49.5 Billion Employees=400,000  Aircraft=223 HQ=USA       Dhl Revenue(2010)=$ 14.52 Billion Employees=275,000 Aircraft = 420 HQ=GERMANY       Purolater Employees=12,500  Revenue =$ 1.5 Billion Aircraft-21 HQ=CANADA       Fedex Revenue (2010)=$ 34 billion Employees=290,000 Aircraft =688 HQ=USA   Tnt Revenue(2010) =$ […]

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Best DHL Commercials

DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight. It is also the world’s number 1 in ocean freight and contract logistics.Here are the Best DHL Commercials and music from all over the globe. THE NEWEST COMMERCIAL FROM 2011,SUNG BY AMY WINEHOUSES’ 15 YEAR OLD PROTEGE DIONNE BROMFELD 1986 VERSION […]

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