Cabin Crew Training in Australia

There are more Flying schools and Pilot training institutes  than Cabin Crew Training in Australia which number just a few.Many of them are accomadated to adjust to foreign students and that is the primary reason that the courses are spread over just 8 weeks.This is to ensure that the foreign student can apply for a tourist visa or […]

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MS or MBA which is better ?

Classic question that’s been doing the rounds is- out of the two MS or MBA which is better ? Of course we all know that an MS is an American Degree for post graduation Engineering.MBA for that matter can be done in USA or at youre home country too,most of the management objectives and training […]

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RECOMMENDATION LETTER FOR HIGHER STUDIES Your admission process  to college requires 3 important academic reports: 1.Statement of Purpose-Written by yourself 2.Transcript-Written by your high school/junior college 3.Recommendation Letter-Written by a faculty member   Recommendation letter for higher studies has more weight age in the eyes of the dean of admissions in the institute you’re trying […]

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Student visa for canada requirements

Student visa for Canada requirements – After you secure admission from your foreign university,comes the most important part of your study abroad process-getting your student visa , without which this whole charade would only be meaningless.Its the most important step so ensure that you have the following documents in order before you apply for the visa. How […]

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EDUCATION LOAN REMITTANCE – Declaration | Cover Letter | A2 Form

EDUCATION LOAN REMITTANCE PROCESS – After the education loan is sanctioned,and you have processed all the education loan documents and process, it is a fairly  simple task for the  remittance to go through.Four attachments have to be submitted to the bank/financial institution from where the loan has been procured,in order to facilitate the transfer of […]

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STUDY ABROAD AFTER 12th  – BUT IS IT REALLY WORTH IT??? I am sure many of you who have plans of studying abroad, and want to enroll yourselves into various undergraduate or postgraduate programs are probably reading this post. This post is a collective contribution by many friends of mine, most of which have spent […]

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CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Definition | Meaning |Benefits

CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Definition,Meaning and benefits – One of the few courses out there for any of you wannabe geniuses or deserving students with exceptional learning ability, the NACEP(an organization that legitimizes the program) has accredited a dual credit course or dual enrollment course if you want to call it that.But lets not compare this with […]

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When you’re fresh out of school and just got your ticket to college, its quite an exciting feeling. You even made your choice about where you’re going to be put up. Dorm rooms are a place where all the action happens, or so you’ve heard, and you want to be part of that, I mean […]

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Lets clear some doubts here. Lets get real. Most other education agency websites have proclaimed that Australia is a safe house again, and the incidents that happened a year ago were blown out of proportion, and were isolated incidents. Since our blog is non profit, we seek no commercial gain by skewing facts.   THE […]

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