Import of VFX Oculus without IEC in India

Few days ago, i decided to import one of the best next gen VFX Oculus headsets that will hit the commercial market soon. Its only in the development stage, and can be ordered online  on the Oculus website. The VFX Oculus Rift is the future of virtual reality gaming, and brings HD graphical output like never before.


Import of VFX Oculus without IEC

Import of VFX Oculus without IEC Import of VFX Oculus without IEC



















I used Fedex, but didnt use my IEC, nor used my Fedex account.

I got a letter from Fedex,the points of which i will mention below:

1. IEC is mandatory for all “non document” inbound shipments into India, except gifts and samples whose value is less than Rs.10,000.

2. To avail duty free clearing of these goods, it should clearly be mentioned on the invoice that it is a “Unsolicited Gift” or “Bonafide Commercial Sample”.

3.In absense of IEC, the goods might not be cleared or a fine could be levied.

4.Make sure the address and name on the airway bill matches that on your IEC


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