WHY Should i apply for a scholarship?

One of the trickiest situations you can get into.ITs a question that has been on your mind ever since  you applied for admission- why should i apply for a scholarship. Most college applications have a section that refers to scholarships,that usually promises anywhere from 25% to 50% or sometimes even more leeway in the tuition fee for “deserving” students.Sure this is a good thing right?you may think so,it could mean a lot of savings on the overall cost,but that is also the problem,because every application form that we fill out to various number of universities,we most DEFINITLY would want to apply and “yes” check the box ,let me tell you that,colleges/universtities are also businesses,they are setup to make a profit ,like any other business,and cheking  a “yes” box for scholarship will lessen your chances fo getting into that particular university,even if you are a deserving candidate.Whe n the administrative department receives application from several thousand applicants,it separates these into with or without scholarship,and if this is a inviersity you are keen on getting into,I suggest you choose no scholarship,just so that,you fall into the category with a few hundred competitive applicants,rather u fall into that categoery with over a thousand applicants,and getting admission will bea whole lot more expensive.

Lets face it,getting into that dream institution is first priority,paying for it should be secondary,and there are ways the colleges themselves allow you to work on campus jobs to recover a decent part of your cost,that way evening out things.

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  1. ashley July 17, 2011 at 6:41 am #

    I would like to add that everybody should apply for scholarship,but be choosy when doing so,becuase it might hurt your chances of getting into a good institution,so call it a calculated risk.

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