Speakasia Latest news 8 Nov 2011

The last 48 hours have been particularly interesting for most of the 1 million panelists of the speakasia community.On November 7th late evening, the Speakasia website has gone live again, that has made Speakasia users rejoice. Many users have also logged in successfully, whereas some have had issues with login unsuccessful attempts. Some users are complaining about not being able to access their Reward Points section and other account info.A source representing Speakasia suggested that the EOW has gone live with the website for a few hours and the Speakasia Management is not in control of operations since the last 4 months.

So what has made the Speakasia issue different from other MLM companies that have flded up in the past?Apart from amassing over a million members into the scheme it has collected 2000 crores of public money that is in the process of being recovered by the EOW.The umber of users that have been affected by this is staggering and unbelievable.

Just last week, an American friend was telling me about how he thought that indians were the smartest people people in the world when it came to money and thinking that people could invest between 6000-11000 and get 4 times that money back in a year, by filling some online forms is shocking. How can people be so naïve? These arnt children who signed up for schemes, so how can they be so gullible, because many of these users are retired people and have seen life, how could they not have seen this coming?

5 years back, i was introduced to someone  who told me about this scheme of online brochures and transcripts that he had, and how I could make atleast 10,000 a month, but to get into the scheme   I needed to pay 10,000 as joining fees. I was in college at that time as the man spoke good English and gave me his fancy business card with corporate office address and all written on it. I asked my father if I could join the scheme bu paying 10K.That night I was explained by my father who was a good businessman that these schemes were dicey, and I should never opt for any of them, ever. He asked me ,if I went for a job, would your employers ask you to pay money to them to get you into their company?

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  1. haresh November 9, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    many people have become scam victims to speakasia and mr.Tarun should get harsh punishment for duping these people

  2. narendra kumar November 9, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    where did you get all this information from regarding website starting

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