STUDENT VISA GUIDE for Canada USA UK Australia New Zealand

After you secure admission from your foreign university,comes the most important part of your study abroad process-getting your student visa , without which this whole charade would only be meaningless.Its the most imoprtant step so ensure that you have the following documents in order before you apply for the visa.WHAT YOU NEED1.Letter of acceptance from university or college where you plan on studying.They send you this letter right in the beginning  stating you can take admission into their insitiute.

2.Copy of application form that you sent to the university where you will get admitted

3.IELTS test scores showing that you cleared the test.


5.Visa charges paid to the agency or to consulate accordingly

6.Medical Certificate that is issued only by  a medical practiciner authorized by that consulate,needless to say a clean bill of health is required

7.Documents showing your financial details that include your ability to pay the entire tuition amount, air tickets both ways,cost of living,your bank details and bank statements including net worth of you and your family members including yours an theirs annual income.

8.Form 156 and Form I-20 duly filled up (ONLY USA)

9.Passport size photographs

10.IM2A application form (ONLY FOR UK)

11.Health Insurance(Not required by all embassiesa /consulates),precheck.


Below is shown a letter from the visa issuing department of the canadian high commision announcing the grant of a student visa.
student visa

THINGS TO REMEMBERa.All counsulates/embassies do not have a mandatory interviewb.You will most likely be given 30 -60 days of time after the end of your course, after which your  student visa will expire

c.Visa for work permits will be issued seperatley, can be applied for at a later stage.Some educational consultants offer the university course followed by a supplementary work permit together.

d.On campus jobs can be applied for without the consent of a work permit, provided it is only for a maximum of 20 hours a week.This is during the duration of the college course.

e. I haven’t segregated visa process for the different countries because most of the prerequisites are the same-they want to verify your credentials and see if you can afford it comfortably.

Below is an actual student visa photo

student visa 2

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  1. Rajneesh kaur October 25, 2017 at 2:53 pm #

    I want to apply for canada as a stundent .. i have done my post graduation from IIPM .. will colleges of canada accept my cousre that i have done from IIPM

    • jojo22 January 4, 2018 at 8:49 am #

      some will recognise it, but that does not matter much,most likely you will have to redo the degree/diploma according to canada syllabus/regulations

  2. Deaz August 28, 2011 at 5:01 am #

    Nice post

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