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FAFSA stands for free application for federal student aid. It is a type of grant given to students for higher education, similar to the pell grant. It is imperative that all international students fill in this form at the time of admission even though they have already previously sought financial aid from their home country, […]

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One of the few courses out there for any of you wannabe geniuses or deserving students with exceptional learning ability, the NACEP(an organization that legitimizes the program) has accredited a dual credit course or dual enrollment course if you want to call it that.But lets not compare this with any other of its kind. The […]

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Lets clear some doubts here. Lets get real. Most other education agency websites have proclaimed that Australia is a safe house again, and the incidents that happened a year ago were blown out of proportion, and were isolated incidents. Since our blog is non profit, we seek no commercial gain by skewing facts.   THE […]

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Your statement of purpose for enrolling into a particular course or college will be one of the most crucial pieces of literature you will have to write in your academic adventure.The college/university admissions board look at it as your reason to be there(or not to be there) and contrary to what others may say,it does […]

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College Transcript Request-How its done right

Before you submit your application for admission to a university or college,along with it you have to attach your college transcripts which may also include marksheets/grade reports. 1.The easiest way to get your college transcript request done is to go to the university registrar office,and the registrar will mail the transcript directly to other university […]

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HOW TO AVOID STUDY ABROAD CONSULTANTS IN MUMBAI AND DO IT YOURSELF A quick guide to circumventing those educational touts or the higher education agency that “makes it easy” to get you into a good college.Many of them advertise in the classifieds,there are a  few dozen of them that promise to even throw in a […]

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Best Mumbai Engineering Colleges of 2011

For all those of you who haven’t yet taken admission,here is a comprehensive unbiased list,that has been set by our fellow students from various colleges,not by some readers poll or newspaper reporter who probably didn’t even visit any  of these venues,or who cant even spell engineering. Our own scale and rank of the top 25 mumbai […]

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IS an engineering degree worth it?

Without stirring up a controversy here,in my personal opinion,id say that the engineering degree is an absolute test  of  your intellect and a sordid waste of your time.If you took that miserable piece of paper and went out for a  job, chances are youll end up at the visiting the  dusty/sulphur ridden back entrance of […]

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student campus jobs

One of  the first questions that hit your mind when you enrolled incollege was-how long before i get a chance to earn some pocket money and then you start borwsing around for student campus jobs . During your stint as  a student at your university abroad,your visa clearly states that you have gone there to […]

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Is IIT JEE tough?

We’ve heard so much about it and we all want to try it,many people have discussed it,and we think to oursleves is IIT JEE tough? The IIT JEE by many is considered the stepping stone to glory,the test that separates the cream from the rest,and justly so.about 10 years ago an additional test called the […]

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