22 reasons kylie jenner is a billionaire at 23


kylie jenner is a billionaire -How did Kylie Jenner beat Mark Zuckerberg to become the world’s youngest self made billionaire  at 23?

kylie jenner is a billionaire

1.Shes an Instagram goddess.She uses Instagram as a marketing platform to reach out to her 136 million followers and entices them with her pout and then showcases her latest Kylie skin care line.
2.Leverage your insecurity– Its been said that when Kylie was young-er,she was always discontent and rather insecure about her thin lips.Needless to say,when she got the opportunity to get into business,the Lip Kit was her first product,and luckily that was good enough to rake in the early million dollar revenues.
3.She often collaborates with family and sisters – Khloe,Kim,Kourtney,Kendell. This maybe to market a new product or start  new fashion line. Its never a good idea to work with friends ,but family are more trustworthy.However, the most important point from all this – Each sister has their own fame and separate fan-base,by collaborating with them ,she gets to tap into the fan base of her sisters too,thereby creating a wider spectrum of buyers.

4.Her biggest pillar of strength is her mother Kris.Shes a fantastic mom and manager combined,with shrewd business skills,she meticulously put all her kids on a good path to fame and fortune.
5.From an early age,she loved putting on make up,and also once said,if not a reality star,she would be a makeup artist.She lives and breathes fashion and that’s the level of passion you need,in order to excel at doing what you love.
6.Shes the planets’ biggest reality star,along with her half sister Kim and the rest of the family.She uses this fame and following
7.Shes more than just a pretty face.She is a role model to young girls,someone who they can emulate and worship,and if they didn’t buy her products,well that would be sacrilege wouldn’t it.
8.Shes the Ultimate fashion icon,with her perfect pout,perfect vital statistics and everything in between,she drapes that perfect body with the best clothes money can buy,of course under the tutelage of a great stylist.
9.More than she markets her products,she markets herself.She is the poster girl of Kylie lip and skin products.She,her self is the biggest marketing campaign,and when people buy her products,they buy a piece of her,or at least that’s what she wants them to believe.
10.She has always had access to the biggest names in the fashion industry,ever since she was introduced to fame at age 10.She has always mingled with the fashion weeks’ elite and had a fair understanding of how the industry works,when other little girls played with dolls.
11.She is not new to the fashion business.She launched a clothing line and swimwear line in 2016 with sister Kendell jenner and this was her first biggest foray into the fashion business.
12.She has contacts to the  fashion world through Kendell Jenner,who is one of the highest paid models and a VS Angel.Shes got the inside scoop on all things fashion,hair care and face care,and has always kept herself abreast on the latest trends.
13.Before her big break with Kylie Lip kits,she had already collaborated with other fashion companies like Topshop and quay eyeglasses,to name a few,and built business partnerships and contacts over the past 5 years.
14.She has been a regular at the Fashion weeks,and also showcased her collection in New York  fashion week a few years back.
15.She started off her business slowly and steadily and initially sold her Lip Kits on an online store in conjunction with Shopify.They took a commission on sales from her.Later she started selling  exclusively on her personal “Kylie” website,and keeps all the proceedings and sales 100%.
16.She released each beauty product and time tested each in regular intervals systematically,first the lips kits,then concealers,eye makeup and now finally the Kylie Skin care line.Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe id say,you start small with the little individual products and build yourself for the full finale.
17.She started off alone on her own,without family,and worked on a nail polish product  line called King kylie.This gave her the chance at age 16 to learn so much about sales,marketing in the cosmetics  industry .
18.Not only the queen of Instagram,shes also number and most viewed on Snapchat celebrity.Couple that with her Instagram audience and shes got 200 million potential customers.
19.She has a minuscule staff of 12 that runs  the show at her companies headquarters.She is the CEO,Chief marketing officer,Chief creative officer.This way,she has maximum control on major business decisions while keeping costs grounded.
20.She cuts off the middlemen and deals direct to consumer via her business website.This increases efficiency,productivity and cuts costs . Only when starting off did she tie up with Shopify,once she setup her customer  base and ironed out the nitty gritties of the new business,she went independent.
21.I don’t like to compare,but shes by far, the prettiest from the  Jenner/ Kardashian clan.,Sure Kim has a beautiful face,but Kim is older and attracts a slightly more mature fan following,whereas Kylie connects well with teenagers.
22.She started off slow and tested the waters with just 1 product- Kylie lip liner,then progressed to lipstick,eye-shadow, makeup, highlighters .

So what do you need to be a billionaire in today’s world?

simple,you need ….


  • Instagram

  • An insecurity

  • Good collaboration

  • Smart,supportive mother

  • Be a role model

  • Be an icon

  • Contacts

  • Access

  • Snapchat

  • Start early

  • Partnerships

  • Start slow

  • Being beautiful  helps

  • Consumer is king

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