3 Reasons to watch the Wolf of Wall Street


After seeing the trailer of Wolf of Wall Street, i was convinced we could have another winter blockbuster, maybe not so much box office wise, but cult fan following wise – yes.Its been sometime that the  “comedy noire”  genre of cinema has been touched upon, and this time by Scorsese, seems promising. With the previous Scorsese – DiCaprio Alliances holding strong at the box office with Aviator ($102 mn), Gangs of New York ($77 mn), The Departed ($132 mn) and Shutter Island ($128 mn), we can predict the domestic total of Wolf of Wall Street should finish at anywhere around the $130-$150 mark. Come Winter, be sure to check out Scorsese’s amalgamation of  Wall Street (1987) meets Goodfellas (1990).


It seems that Leonardo DiCaprio can play the rich and all powerful egotistical character better than anyone else in Hollywood. He was billionaire Howard Hughes in the Aviator, A plantation owner in Django Unchained and most recently Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. No can look so good while playing a character packed with so much panache, opulence, eccentricity and flair. He was the natural choice to play Belford, or probably looking at him they decided to turn the original book in to a Hollywood mainstream motion picture.


If you films with Scorsese’s  touch and want to dive right into his world of creation, you better be prepared to be entertained by his “male muse” DiCaprio with whom this would be the fifth collaboration. Like he did right through the 70s, 80s and 90s with Deniro, and gave us the insanely enjoyable Goodfellas, if you liked that, your’e gonna LOVE this because of the usual suspects- Mafia, Drugs and Money.


Wall Street

Lets face it, all of us are so obsessed with money, how its made and more how its lost. Wall Street- has tonnes of it,not physically of course, but anything that goes down on Wall Street seems exciting, and when its made into a big budget flick,it magnifies the greed ever more. Sure the movie might potray stockbrokers in poor light, but money also forms the basis for the most interesting plot and serves as background violence, crime and sex, essential components of a great movie.



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