30 of the best Silicon Valley Startups of 2012


In our quest for the best silicon valley startups of 2012,we narrowed our winding search down to the best 30.these are by far the most innovative and perfectly conceptualized ideas that have just been born from incubator funding.Most of these startups are still in smaller rounds of funding from angel and seed investors and have yet to prove their might,but remember giants like Facebook and more recently Dropbox were once obscure sparks in silicon valley that now are raging infernos.

30 of the best Silicon Valley Startups of 2012



Zencash is particularly useful for owners of businesses that send use automated invoicing application based processes to intimate customers of payment dues and bill pay schedules.What Zencash does is sync with your invoice application to perfectly coordinate a collections campaign that bombards customers systematically in a 45 day cycle.So what Zencash does basically is take on the role of a collections agent with “friendly phone calls” after 90 days of passing the due date.the good side of Zencash comes in the form of thank you notes and well wishing phone calls to customers that pay on time.If you have defaulting customers,it would be good to take on the services of Zencash.


Caplinked calls itself the secure network for private investing.Its a tool for new online businesses and angel investors to use.Caplinked provides access to certain groups of people associated with a particular business deal to share and track information data and analytics.You can also share secured files and images to others in your data room or network,make connections to people in other data rooms,if they are also investors,advisers or startup companies. It can be instrumental during deal closings as all the information is securely shared between all the members of a particular network.All expenses,investments and details of the closing deal can be accessed and viewed by the members.


Dealupa is a quick deal site that graphically displays a range of offers and deals on products,services and shockingly food.The food deals on Dealupa is what is surprisingly an eye catcher. Something that you notice is its integration with review major Yelp. Infact the deals on offer are so well wound with Yelp that you can even sort results and deals based on review quality from Yelp.Dealupa shows hundreds of results and deals from all major US cities and a proximity Google map lets you pinpoint the closest deals near you.


Meetings.io is an instant flash based online conference room that can be created in less than 20 seconds.No need of a login or account creation,download of any software or adding of your fellow contacts.If you urgently have to meet team members or coworkers or even something less formal,a virtual meeting room can be created in seconds,with flash access to your mic and sound.A great tool to manage and coordinate a small meeting with no effort.


Cloudmine is a service tool that allows mobile app developers to keep perfecting and improvising their app without the need to worry about server side issues and backend solutions for keeping the app updated and free of glitches.It lets you work in peace on the things that matter.Al l you have to do to get started is to translate your app data in JSON and send it to them to manage.The data model will never be locked or will you be asked to alter it at any time.Best of all,the start off scheme of the beta version is a try for free basis so ge there quick!


With the advent of touch devices,the landscape of content publishing has changed in a big way.Many content management systems that run blogs and web pages on pointer based GUI systems can now seamlessly be transformed in under 3 minutes, with almost perfect magazine styled layouts and text characteristics that are easily customizable. Onswipe also supports social media streams and feeds that can be easily viewed in any tablet.Best thing about it, its free


With ordr.ins’ group of restaurant networks,your restaurant can join others in being setup on directories and other travel sites.This tool also gives you functionality of managing food orders from the website interface dashboard and edit or tweak your restaurant menu anytime.This facebook app is essential useful to popularize your new restaurant tor cafe quickly and easily through ordr.in.


Elect next has an excellent feature that lets you answer a series of questions of key political issues and matches your answers with the agenda of a particular electoral candidate.you be surprise who might come out top.Besides this little match quiz,you get other important election information,dates and deadlines as well as you can participate in sharing your knowledge with other  fellow voters to help them decide who to vote for.

Grassroots Unwired

Its a real time “unwired” device that works on GPS giving you upto date voter data and canvassing information that lets you know precisely who has voted in a particular district.The mobile canvass assistant gives you polling station data and other grassroots products like the mobile polling place monitor and poll view live are excellent tools to let you in on poll data and location of canvassers placed on interactive maps.


contently is a platform for bussing bloggers and writers to showcase thier talent.The free automatic profile builder lets you easily share pieces of your work so that it maybe seen my publishers who could hire you to freelance on thier sites for them via the “contently platform”.As far as publishers go,this is a great pool to tap talent from, and is a great place to start your search for a good freelance writer as well as manage your content strategy systematically.


Kwelia is a rental property management website that includes a rental heat map of rental rates of the entire Manhattan. The RNTMRKT demo lets you easily search and monitor rental rates in 5 major cities in America.All you do to query an estimated market value for your property is to enter the address information,size,bedrooms and bathrooms and it throws up a sizable estimate based on market data collected. Kwelia currently targets landlords and property managers into their next generation revenue management platform.


the “drag and drop data” platform uses unstructured and semi structured data to deal with disparate types separately.By using Metalayer,it becomes easier for many individuals to collectively work on a complex data set independently. Meta layer is so called because it tends to work in between Big and small data  effectively enhancing the experience of the end user.


Lore is a series of teaching tools for students and instructors  for a particular course/assignment or lecture.Its the first social networking site where something constructive can be achieved instead of playing games and mindless banter.Real time interaction over a particular subject and online lectures can be scheduled for groups.Lore calls itself a “simple social course site”.Instructors can even grade students for that course,suggest coursework,recommend books,discuss photos,links and notes to make the virtual classroom extremely enjoyable and more interesting.


Flirq is the new age of digit dating with a difference.Here the women get the upper hand and in a series of questions that the guy gets to answer, will revel the girls pictures which are blurred at first.Sort of like a quest to open the chest thing and reminds me of a 90s dating show on MTV.The guys can approach 10 girls per day,with 3 chances each to unlock the girls profile picture.On the other hand,girls can see guys profiles easily and can flirq them,which gives them leverage.Its a girls world after all aint it.


Qwite is a  series of apps that lets you collect data from groups of people.The 3 app programs on offer are customer engagement,patient engagement and resident engagement that lets you collect mobile survey data from users of these


The Crowdtwist tracking software intelligently gathers data about your product/brand across all social platforms as well your own website .Using CTs currency and points sytem,you give the ability to users to spend more on your product and inturn redeem their collective points.So what CT does is, constantly giving your target audience or loyal customers a reason to come back and effectively endorse your product and brand in a loop.Since social signals are the marketing trends of the future,it uses these medium to propagate and populate your band across a wide array of users and potential customers


Spling is the next level of social bookmarking.The interface is an amalgamation of image links which represent user submitted videos,music,pictures and bookmarks.Since its inception its still in an “only invite” stage.Each of these graphical links are known as “splings” and user generated splings are combined and collectively displayed on a separate page known as splingboards. Very similar in its layout and design to Pinterest.


Even though SH was down at going to press due to a site remodel in progress,ill give you a jist of what it offers nonetheless.Its a construction hardware supply listing site where you list materials and their quantities you need for a particular job.The suppliers who are registered with the site place bids after which you can choose the best offer and have them sent to you conveniently.


ThaTrunk is a useful tool that lets you share files through your smartphone with others that have the TT app.You start off by adding files to your’e secure location storage known as Thatrunk,then identify it with a title,description and cover image.The mobile app for android/iphone then “connects,around you” via the transmit command and lets your share all you have in your trunk to people at that particular location.This is especially useful for groups of people or a team that needs to achieve a task,they can coordinate perfectly via their smartphones and the app.


Sidetour is all about transitioning from the virtual to the real world.Hosts on sidetour showcase unique meet outs and experiences that you wont easily find in the real world.This serves as a directory for out of the world events like underground dinner dos to cocktails with a rock stars best friend.Anyone can signup to be a host on sidetour,so if you have an out of the box personality or a trade that is undiscovered and innovative,send them a few lines about yourself.

pebble epaper watch

One of the most innovative instruments this year has seen, and is a hot trending item on most tech blogs is the epaper watch.It connects to your iphone or android smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can receive vibrating alerts for emails,messages and calls among other things.In the development stage is a way to integrate apps directly into the phone which is on it way.for now you can add a few apps via Bluetooth


For expert developers or newbies that need to create apps easily.All data structure alterations are sent to firebase servers in real time,where data stored in the firebase servers have their own URL .FB is primarily useful for building any cloud application,and is the easiest and quickest to create an app even with limited knowledge of code.


I like to call Ark a meta search social network.It searches other social networks for profiles based on colleges,relationships,employers or place of residence.Ark searches facebook, google+, myspace , linkedin among others so that you can expand your network of friends based on similar interests.


People willing to do chores on your behalf on this new website are known as Taskrabbits. Anything from event planning,shopping or housecleaning can be done via their online service. Taskrabbits are chosen systematically by interviews and verification to see if they can manage a particular task efficiently.All you have to do in order to outsource an errand ot task is to list it on the site.The task is then screened across all taskrabbits that fit the bill and bids are collected.The lowest bid gets your task and you have to name a price.A small part of the fee goes to the website and the chunk of it to the taskrabbit.


One of the newest and best sites for a price index lookup.with a clean easy to use interface similar to Google,you can get a price of a commodity or product instantly, with a list of the top trending brands shown for each category.Another important feature of priceonomics is that it gives you a comparititve index of the resale popularity if you intend to sell it again some day.Other statistics shown for each search term are price distribution over time and the average price over time.


One of the coolest and funnest apps that have made our list this year.Flutter is an integrated app that lets you control your music and videos through hand signals and gestures aimed at your webcam.currently it supports VLC media player,spotify,quicktime and itunes. Wihtout the basic use of the keyboard and the mouse, the webcam serves as a the input device and is  fun way to control your media.

42 floors

42 floors is a total real estate and furnishing solutions provider that i segregated into two main divisions.The real estate location finder lets you browse through hundreds of office spaces that you can lease in a particular area.It goes a step further into the second division called showroom which has on offer furniture,services, decor, kitchen accessories and other electronic goodies that you might need for your new office space.The list is endless,so browse through and take your pick.


Currently only supported by Ios, everyme is similar in principle to Google+ circles.Its  a social sharing tool with a difference,whereby you can share what you want,with who you want.Each circle is labelled and you can share a story,pictures or information with a particular circle.The android app is coming out shortly


Sendhub is simple text messaging tool that lets you form groups and send a certain number of text message/sms to that group for a monthly fee.You can start with the free plan that can send 1000 messages to a total of 3 groups with 50 individuals per group.It can be accessed directly from your cellphone or web browser without the need to download the app.All the paid plans have unlimited message options starting from $10 a month.

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