6 Reasons to buy the Microsoft Surface Laplet

Reasons to buy the Microsoft Surface Laplet -By the End of the month Microsoft would have released and delivered its first Tablet. In the next 6 weeks, Microsoft would have also showcased 3 more products that it hopes will put it right on top there, and give it some credence as one of the best tech companies in the world.Here is the first of these – called the “Surface”, and 6 reasons why you should head over to Microsoft.com and pre order one ASAP.


With the release, Microsoft is the first company to successfully combine a tablet and a keyboard and promote it together as a sell-able piece, unofficially labeling it a “laplet”, rather than marketing it as a tablet and selling the keyboard as a minor accessorial side product. The surface with its poly-hue array of dramatic cover flap type pad is extremely appealing, something like the early models of the VAIO notebooks, but more striking in contrast.


The surface uses a Bonded Clear type display  with an aspect ratio of 16:9, which supports high definition video. The first version of the laplet that  runs on Windows RT with have a maximum screen resolution of 1366*768 and the later to be released Pro version that will run on Windows 8 will support 1080p video and have a maximum screen resolution of 1920*1080.

3.Digital Inking

I could be wrong, but in my opinion, one of the reasons the Surface is actually called the surface, is to draw attention to this amazingly developed feature  of Super digital Inking that allows your stylus pen to write on the surface with immense clarity and finish. The end result looks as good as on paper, because of the high capture of 600 dots per inch blot inking that the Surface shows off.


4.Palm block

Exactly as the name describes it, this new feature prevents accidental screen swipes with your hand or fingers. This can be extremely frustrating at times in other tablets and smartphones that employ a stylus for text and imagery. The palm block turns off the touch sensor array when you bring the stylus close to the surface screen.Amazing technology.


Every high school educated individual knows that metals can be beaten in to sheets or drawn into wires via processes called Maleability and Ductility. In 2012, this goes a step further to conform the metal so fine, it can virtually be shrunk down to a massive degree. This is one of the reasons for the Surface’s ultra sleek and thin portable dimensional weight.

6.Optical Bonding

The physical glass surface and the actual display filament is so closely bonded,almost touching each other ,just set apart by 0.7 mm. This gives the user a sense of writing on paper , instead of a virtual surface.

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