7 tips to increase your money IQ

7 tips to increase your money IQ – A few points that i have learnt from the general rules of life.They have saved me a truck load of money in the form of money saved, as we know money saved is money earned.Sadly all this has been learnt the hard way,an took me lots of money burned in the process,but in the end there is a lesson to be learnt.In the form of these 7 rules.

7 tips to increase your money IQ

Increase your money IQ. One of the most intellectually stimulating animated comic strips by Scott Adams, that runs the viewer through the life of a sales engineer,his boss, and the smartest talking dog that ever lived.

2.Read 22 laws of marketing
This book is so captivating and engrossing, even for the lay reader.It simply shows you how to start with one single product and then sell it to the world successfully.With each law of marketing backed up with real life examples, this book is not only fun to read but so insightful and informative, you just wont put it down.

3.Lose it
This is my favorite one.I believe no one knows anything about money until they have lost a part of it.Over a period of time,after starting an endeavor and then failing at it,i have learnt how easy it is to lose money and how hard it is to make it.Its only when this happens that you look at things in a totally different way,much like the 1999 hollywood blockbuster “The Matrix”.Towards the end of the of the film, when the lead actor “dies” and then comes back to life, he “sees” the world/matrix in a different light and comes back invincible.

4.Do business
This may not be everyones cup of tea.Even if you can do it in a small way without investing too much into it,i recommend trying it atleast once.You can start off by getting involved with something your familiar with.For example if you love gardening, then you can setup a virtual store on Ebay selling miniature saplings.Its all a learning experience,its something that you have profound knowlwdge about and even if you dont succeed at it right away, you would have learnt so much about inventory,sales,marketing,promotion and supply.

5.Idolise the green bill
Its often said that if you want to be good at something then you have to think it,dream it and live it.Most people succeed at what they love.Keep yourself informed about business events,economic issues and market updates.Even if at first it may come across as difficult to understand,in time ,youll feel like a much smarter person.

6.Read dollardement
Trying to sound as less sales pitchy as i possibly can,-reading our blog would most DEFINITLY give you a better understanding about all the ways wealth can be spent,saved,created and lost.Most people know very little about it itand thats the reason there are more poor people in the world than ther are rich. At Dollardement we simplify matters to a level comprehendable to anyone with a basic knowledge of money can grasp mostof the ideas we put forth here.

7.Manage your cards
Our credit cards are part of our lives in a big way.Effectively using them can make daily expenses and small purchases very convenient to handle.Yet its usage is often careless and users are ill informed.General understanding about the way credit cards work and learning billing patterns,terms,interest rates and charges will help you a great deal with all things related to credit.

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