Acid indigestion remedies – Avoid or cure it


Acid indigestion remedies -Acidity is commonly confused with indigestion. Acidity has a powerful alias called heartburn which is tingling uncomfortable sensation in the upper rib-cage. This can cause bloating, fullness, and nausea. One of the leading causes of heartburn is lethal cocktail or spicy food and sour beverages. Most often this concoction can cause a gastric tsunami. When the acidity level in the stomach goes beyond a certain level  it can cause chaos in the digestive system.

Acid indigestion remedies – How to avoid acidity

1.Avoid spicy and oily food- These are difficult to digest and burn the food passages before they reach your stomach. Once they are there, they cause even more havoc because they give out too much heat and this leads to discomfort.

2.Avoid too much of aerated drinks- Common sense tell you that if you ingest gas, you will feel gassy and bloated. Every time you drink a gaseous beverage, depending on your level of activity it will take different times to get digested. If you are just lying about with little or no physical activity, then the digestion process slows down and the gas will retain in the stomach causing bloating.

3.Avoid  strong caffeine drinks  like Coffee/ Tea

4.Consuming lots of water in a day helps to maintain healthy PH level in your stomach.

5.Regular walking exercise after meals helps you avoid acidity .

6.Consuming good amount of dairy products especially milk, as it is basic in nature, helps counteract acidic level in stomach.

Acid indigestion remedies

Home Remedies for acidity

  1. Consume Nimbu Pani (Lime water) in a luke warm water with a pinch of salt .
  2. In a spoon add litle amount of Ghee/ clarafied butter and add hing/asafoetida in the mix mixture, heat till the hing will melt . and apply on your belly button with the help of cotton.
  3. Go 3 steps upwards above your belly button and massage there in circular form, clockwise and the anticlockwise for 5min.
  4.  Oolang Tea also know as chinese tea  is a good remedy
  5. Consuming sauf  and elaichi – cardamom  will help reduce acidity

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