After Henna hair wash


After Henna hair wash – Many have tried the organic way of adding orange red color that henna gives out.The easy part is putting it on, the hard part is getting it off,which is tricky and needs careful patience.

Wash hair with shampoo after henna

Henna leaf plant is dried first and then ground to powder, which is then mixed to a paste.With a flat blade spatula this paste can be applied right from the root tip to the length of the hair in an uneven manner.Once this thick smelling paste dries after a few hours,it imparts the ‘red oxide ‘ hue.

After Henna hair wash steps

1.After the stipulated time the henna dries up and becomes even more cakes than before.Use caution while removing it else there will be hair breakage and damage.

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2.Use a hand shower, if not overhead shower will do.Set it to partially warm temperature.If you use cold water it won’t remove the cakey mixture effectively.

3.At first do not touch the hair with your fingertips and allow the water stream to seep into the hair shaft.Allow the thick pieces of dried henna to fall off first.

4.Be gentle when using your hand after most of the henna is washed off,otherwise there maybe a chance of hair breakage.

5.Next to clean the small fragments and to give a fresh smell ,since many people complain of the strong smell of henna.We will take equal portions of shampoo and conditioner and equal part of warm water and gently dab it onto the hair.If you can get your hands on a keratin based product that would be even better.

6.Lastly rinse it off with Luke warm water again.

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7.Many henna users have complained of that the hair feels dull and lifeless after application.That is because the henna has a natural property that sometimes dries out the hair To compensate for this,you can apply a  moisturizing liquid or Almond oil,it should do the trick.

This may seem detailed and lengthy,but believe me,if you use these points step by step, you ensure that you remove every it of the green paste and have red ravishing locks after your’e done.

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