ATKT meaning backlog


Atkt meaning backlog – An ATKT is a system by many graduate colleges whereby if you fail a subject,you can appear for it again and have a chance to clear it.In the academic year there is a maximum number of ATKTs or failed subjects that you can have,and if you exceed this number then you will not be promoted and need to clear these subjects.

Atkts can be attempted once every 6 months or so and is a good system where you get more time to study for the same subject again.In difficult courses like engineering,the ATKT system is very popular and many students accumulate many ATKTs because the subjects are so hard.

ATKT meaning backlog

Backlog is the number of ATKT or failed subjects you have and which needs to be cleared.For example if in engineering 1st semester you have 3 ATKTs and in semester 2 you have 2 ATKTs then the total number of subjects you need to clear is 5 and this 5 is your backlog.

Now depending on what ATKT rule your university has provided for your branch or stream you will either be promoted to the next year or will have to clear the backlog and then get promoted.

What are ATKT backlog rules ?

All universities have set a maximum number of backlogs you can have in order to be failed or promoted.this changes depending on the university you are studying in, the number of subjects and the course you are doing.

For example,in the FYBSc course, suppose there are 4  theory subjects.The university will decide that the ATKT rule for FYBSc is maximum 2 Atkts out of 4.If you get more than 2 failed subjects in the entire year then you will have to appear for the subjects and pass them before you can get admission into the next academic year.

How to clear atkt backlog subjects?

If you are in engineering,it is not uncommon to get 6 or 7 atkts in a year.This backlog not only is difficult to clear before the next year but also is a psychological scary.If you have 3 atkts in semester 3 and 3 atkts in semester 4,the best way to tackle this situation is to attempt any 3 or 4 subjects and clear them instead of trying to go for all 6 at the same time.Its better to clear just 2 subjects than clear 0.

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