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Lets call this our not so comprehensive but essential listing of computer prices mumbai that we have compiled.It is based on mumbai market prices but may vary 10% either way for other major cities.Feel free to add to the list. MARCH  2010 Memory Hynix 2GB  1333Mhz DDR3-750 Kingston 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3-1050 Corsair 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3-1150 Mushkin 2GB […]

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What is a call center – an engineers perspective

What is a call center – an engineers perspective -Most of my engineering compatriots, have fallen prey to the call center or BPO industry.The primary reason for this is good cash and nothing else.There is absolutely nothing attractive about working at any of these places ,the offbeat hours,remote locations and monotonous  work schedule. In 2004, […]

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Best Mumbai Engineering Colleges of 2011

For all those of you who haven’t yet taken admission,here is a comprehensive unbiased list,that has been set by our fellow students from various colleges,not by some readers poll or newspaper reporter who probably didn’t even visit any  of these venues,or who cant even spell engineering. Our own scale and rank of the top 25 mumbai […]

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Application for iec code

Application for iec code – Import export code – Getting the IEC code is not a complex process and is required to import items from China,Taiwan or other countries. A Simple procedure of filling the IEC code application form and submitting the required documents is all that is needed. Read – Customs Duty Import Rates […]

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IMPORT GOODS FROM CHINA – Always wanted your favorite tablet pc, or that new touch screen phone that wont be in town for another 2 months?  You can do this yourself, cheaper.Most of these electronic goods are assembled in china,and all of great quality,the greatest multinationals have their factories in china,or some simply source the […]

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IS an engineering degree worth it?

IS an engineering degree worth it? – Without stirring up a controversy here,in my personal opinion,id say that the engineering degree is an absolute test  of  your intellect and a sordid waste of your time.If you took that miserable piece of paper and went out for a  job, chances are youll end up at the […]

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Which is the easiest instrument to master

Which is the easiest instrument to master  – Before you begin your quest and pickup your first instrument,having a good ear for music is advisable.Listening to some recording s of various instruments and then decide what sound draws you.Most beginners start of with the acoustic guitar,its cheap to buy,the chord structure isn’t complicated and the […]

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Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai

Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai – Done with your hospitality diploma?and now you want to open a restaurant do you?If you a full detailed guide on how to open a restaurant you can read it.For those few who have a streak of maverick ism in them, read on: The world loves glamour,beautiful people,the world loves […]

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How to get a student campus job

How to get a student campus job – One of  the first questions that hit your mind when you enrolled in college was-how long before i get a chance to earn some pocket money and then you start browsing around for student campus jobs . During your stint as  a student at your university abroad,your […]

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How long to learn the piano

How long to learn the piano – The piano is one of the most entertaining and fun instruments to get your hands on.In order to learn the piano,it takes years of dedicated practice to get yourself to sound good.Most students begin their music education before they are 10 years old,but for others if they are […]

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Is IIT JEE tough?

Is IIT JEE tough? – We’ve heard so much about it and we all want to try it,many people have discussed it,and we think to ourselves is IIT JEE tough? The IIT JEE by many is considered the stepping stone to glory,the test that separates the cream from the rest,and justly so.about 10 years ago […]

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Career as a chef

Career as a chef – Gone are the days when they were called cooks,and earned  measly living.In the past,the best a chef could do,is go to a gulf country or work on the ship,this occupation was often looked down upon,and all parents wanted were for their kids to be doctors and engineers,but I know chefs […]

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How can you apply for a scholarship to study abroad

How can you apply for a scholarship to study abroad – One of the trickiest situations you can get into.Its a question that has been on your mind ever since  you applied for admission- why should i apply for a scholarship. Most college applications have a section that refers to scholarships,that usually promises anywhere from […]

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Student education loan for study abroad

Student education loan for study abroad -funding/bank loans Most banks offer a student education loan,at very low interest rates,and the ability to pay back the loan after the course has been completed and after you receive your first pay check.Most banks would offer a substantial loan,but paying back the loan over a long period of […]

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Top 5 study abroad destinations for Indians

Top 5 study abroad destinations for Indians – In order of preference for Indian students to study abroad destinations ,I have selected the following countries based on factors like ease of education system,expenses,social connections with other people or how  easily an Indian might fit into a new society and feel at home.Which I might add […]

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What should you opt for home stay or dormitory

What should you opt for home stay or dormitory – In India we call homestay as “paying guest” accommodation,when u rent a room in a persons house for a limited period of time.The other is dormitory rooms or in other words “hostel”.the dormitory rooms are located on the campus,and in most cases are shared rooms,with […]

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How to get a Student work permit

How to get a Student work permit – I think all of us have heard of “package deals”most agents/touts/educational centers that offer “studies abroad” usually tell you that a valid work permit will be issues on completion of the tuition tenure,like I mentioned earlier,this depends on the country in question and lets get things clear […]

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How to get a Student Visa

How to get a Student Visa – Is getting a student visa easy ? Is this the first step to have an education abroad or  does it require loads of paperwork and running around?You will need an education loan, statement of purpose,transcripts from college,letters of recommendation ,and other documents. The visa criterion needless to say […]

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How to get permanent residency for students

How to get permanent residency for students  – A subject of much contention,most of us who study abroad,inadvertently would want to settle there a s well,it’s a thought that’s in our mind throughout,and sometimes is the primary reason for studying there.Some countries allow PR or permanent residency and in order to receive this status you […]

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