Backlog meaning in college and education


Backlog meaning in college and education – Many students wonder what backlog means and why we use it when we talk about ATKTs in college.In order to understand what backlog means we first have to understand what an ATKT is and how it can affect the life of a senior college student.

Backlog meaning in college and education

An atkt is a subject that we have failed in but have the chance to appear for it as another chance.Now suppose we fail in it for the second time also,we can also give it a third time and so on.But you need to understand that there is a limit to how many times a student can keep appearing for a paper.

A backlog is a collection of these ATKTs all together.When a student has lots of these failed subjects from previous semesters they are called as backlog.This backlog is dangerous because it can make you fail a year.If you fail the year because of too much backlog then you will lose 1 precious year of your life and will only be trying to clear these subjects.

How can backlog affect your education

Backlog can affect a students education as well as his/her career.Collecting too many atkts will not only affect future job prospects but will also ruin any new semester subjects.If you have a backlog plus new semester subjects to study for,there is a good chance that even your preparation for new subjects will get affected.This is continuous chain and can destroy your grades.

Backlogs systematic clearance

The best way that is personally worked for reducing the load of backlog subjects to clear them in a slow systematic order.Firstly,remember to clear the oldest semester subjects first,because not only do you know the subject matter well,but also it can cause hindrance to your admission into a new year.

This is known as a golden kt in engineering– explained very simply,if you want to take admission into third year engineering,but still have a backlog kt of first year,then you will not be allowed to take admission until you clear this first year kt.Similarly if you want to get promoted to 4th year and have 2nd year kt,you will be prohibited from doing so.

Backlog exams preparation

In order to prepare for exams when you have a backlog of 3 or more subjects its best to stick to the 50% rule.If you have 6 backlog subjects,then attempt any 3 and study well enough to ensure you clear those.Instead of trying to study for all 6 and just clearing 1 its not going to help.

When you have a backlog its time to get practical and not be ambitious.


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