Baggage rules at customs simplified

Baggage rules at customs simplified – When disembarking and approaching customs counter at the airport, all passengers that are arriving into the country have hand baggage and luggage. Luggage has to be picked up from the convener belt section and includes suitcases and large bags, whereas hand baggage includes small bag that can be carried in the hand. Both these pieces are to be distinguished and are screened separately. Here we will be discussing the hand baggage rules.

For declaration of dutyable goods,the passenger must pass through red channel of customs clearance,where the following items are duty free:

baggage rules customs

a.cash upto $5000 is allowed, and if coupled with any other forms of currency,permissible limit is $10,000

b.Personal articles that may include jewellery that is used as ornaments

c.Laptop computer worth rs.25000

d.small personal articles for everyday usage

baggage rules customs

Prohibited goods:


2.Cigarettes more than 200 nos.

3.Ammunition cartridges

4.Gold or Silver in Pure form

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