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Will CHINDIA Rule the world

Will CHINDIA Rule the world – Imagine the superpowers of tomorrow merged today,… It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s minds over the last few years, The BRIC nations have been pitted and compared to the G7 on more than one occasion, what happens if China and India bond over more than just a cup […]

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PLAYBOOK IPAD 2 comparison

Playbook ipad 2 comparison -Alot of bad reviews have circulated around the internet about the Playbook,most noticeably its lack of applications as compared to the Ipad2.,But on this particular instance,I must bet on the dark horse,only on two fronts,-versatile and effeciant email and better keypad. Not something that is on everyones mind,but lets talk about […]

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The IPAD2 ‘s poorer cousin

The IPAD2 ‘s poorer cousin -Lets see how the Ipad2 matches upto a similar product that is  currently hot selling on one of china’s e-commerce portals.Most of the attributes are shockingly alike,except the price.          IPAD2 GENERIC PAD SCREEN SIZE 9.7 “ 9.7” PROCESSOR 1GHZ 800MHZ WEIGHT 613 gms 850g STORAGE 16GB 8GB WI FI […]

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Ultimate laptop purchase checklist

Ultimate laptop purchase checklist – Some of the unavoidable things anyone should go through before they indulge in their next laptop buying endeavor, ignoring these points would be sacrilege. Screen brightness Check the various combination keys on the keyboard to dim or turn up luminosity,a wide array is preffered to reduce glare and adjust if […]

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Tomb Sweeping day in China

Tomb Sweeping day in China – Last evening,one of our clients,anxiously called, asking about the status of their shipping order,its been over 4 weeks already,not too unusual for sea cargo,but nonetheless checked with the dispatch manager in Shenzen .Logging into messenger,something was amiss,all contacts showed offline,it was a Monday after all, and the annual spring […]

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BAKERY BUSINESS IDEAS – One of the oldest and most profitable businesses in the hospitality field,its also the most bankable in the food trade. Fast turnover coupled with nil service issues, makes the bakery business a must do in my book. Doing $1000 a day isn’t hard to manage, as long as the following set […]

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The electronic extravaganza at the hongkong fair that starts on the 12th of april every year is the biggest and the most well organized, of its kind.well over a few  hundered thousand visitors flock the virtual city tent over  3 days.Its hosted by global sources,and is showcased in 6 other metropolitan cities around the globe, […]

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We took the time to compile this short list of information for all the young professionals,whether youre running your own power house or working in one of them,the stress levels of work nowadays has reached an all time high.This is because everyone has become even so competitive and driven,and its even harder to make money,as a result […]

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memory heat spreaders a gimmick?

Most high end users claim that for overclocking of your random access memory module, it is imperative to keep it cool. After all we are pushing the stick to the edge, trying to work for us at maximum efficiency. The other side of it,I’ve a;ways wondered if that were true,or was it simply a way […]

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Lets call this our not so comprehensive but essential listing of computer prices mumbai that we have compiled.It is based on mumbai market prices but may vary 10% either way for other major cities.Feel free to add to the list. MARCH  2010 Memory Hynix 2GB  1333Mhz DDR3-750 Kingston 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3-1050 Corsair 2GB 1333Mhz DDR3-1150 Mushkin 2GB […]

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Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai

Restaurant Business Plan in mumbai – Done with your hospitality diploma?and now you want to open a restaurant do you?If you a full detailed guide on how to open a restaurant you can read it.For those few who have a streak of maverick ism in them, read on: The world loves glamour,beautiful people,the world loves […]

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