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Transfer of residence rules for cars | Vehicle | Motorcycle | Pets

Transfer of residence rules for cars – Apart from household goods and other domestic cargo,there are separate customs charges and duties for import of cars,motorcycles and pets.Also check the nri  customs rules for transfer of residence customs duty charges Transfer of residence rules for NRI baggage click here  Transfer of residence rules for cars Either a […]

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Transfer of residence rules for nri

Transfer of residence rules for nri – This may apply to people who have worked abroad for a few years, setup their home there and now when they want to get back to their home country require to import their household belongings here.the procedure is given below when TR is availed for a full container […]

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Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format

Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format for Authorization – In order to clear customs successfully, the sample request authority letter is one of the most important you will have to prepare. There are only two persons who can clear the consigned goods. You or the IEC license holder (whose name appears on IEC) or […]

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What is AWB – AIRWAY BILL FORMAT – First things first, an AWB number is a type of Bill of Lading. There are two mainly two types of international cargo transport systems in the world, ocean and air, so naturally there are also two types of bills of lading namely ocean bill of lading and airway […]

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Customs clearance charges in India – Procedure | Documents

Customs clearance charges in India – Procedure | Documents – Before you select your Import clearing, forwarding and logistics agent for your imported consignment ,here is the checklist for documents you need to procure for successful customs clearance procedure in India.You do not need this if you are buying from Aliexpress.com as most probably that will […]

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TAOBAO TIPS for buying products

TAOBAO TIPS for buying products – For all those of you who don’t live in our universe,’taobao’ with an alexa ranking of 15 is the biggest online market place on the planet.Each day goods worth $1.4 bn are traded between business and consumer making it also  the highest volume b2c portal,far ahead of amazon and […]

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How to pay in Aliexpress from India

How to pay in Aliexpress from India -Aliexpress.com Alibaba’s sister site, that came to light in India, little under  a year ago has amassed global appeal by showcasing a variety of products targeted to small importers and individual buyers.It offers an excellent escrow service for payment, and its probably the fastest growing commercial portal of […]

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OEM Meaning Alibaba | Aliexpress – What OEM means

OEM Meaning Alibaba | Aliexpress – What OEM means– One of the most common terms we hear in the hardware markets these days,when we go to buy optical drives,memory cards or anything remotely linked to a microchip.Its a common question for the vendor or re seller to ask you, “oem or original?”,and most of just shrug,because […]

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Application for iec code

Application for iec code – Import export code – Getting the IEC code is not a complex process and is required to import items from China,Taiwan or other countries. A Simple procedure of filling the IEC code application form and submitting the required documents is all that is needed. Read – Customs Duty Import Rates […]

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IMPORT GOODS FROM CHINA – Always wanted your favorite tablet pc, or that new touch screen phone that wont be in town for another 2 months?  You can do this yourself, cheaper.Most of these electronic goods are assembled in china,and all of great quality,the greatest multinationals have their factories in china,or some simply source the […]

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