Corruption Essay for Students in English

Corruption Essay for Students in English – We have come across this word everywhere in the newspapers,television and internet.It is a hurdle that we must all overcome together and make our country win on merit rather than on money.We use money to get what we want which is immoral and unjust instead of achieving what we want through our hard work and good will.


What is corruption – This social evil is called corruption and must be eradicated from our society.When we pay someone to get our work done,we are corrupting that person.We are equally guilty of this negative phenomenon as they – the ones accepting the money.I,too am guity of it unfortunate. Whether we give a bribe to a traffic policemen to not issue a speeding ticket,or to a government official to get our work done faster.We are the ones promoting corruption remember that.We are the seed to this unjust tree.Think how unfair it is for poor people who do not have money to bribe,and because of it will not have that certain “privilege ” compared to us.

Corruption is the misuse of power,position,authority or standing in order to financially gain and benefit by abusing that privilege.

How is it affecting us?

Corruption happens on many levels but at the lower levels it affects the common man.By giving money to someone to do your job faster or better,we are inversely raising the bar.What does this mean? For example if i gave a bribe of Rs.5000 to a visa officer to issue me a visa faster he will gladly accept it and get it to me faster.The outcome? both of us have gained and both are happy.Now,what if after me there was a person who does not believe in corruption or giving bribes,the visa officer will notice that he is not getting a bribe to do the processing faster,so he will take his own time and do it slower.Due to this,the good man who did not believe in corruption,will receive his visa much later because he did  not pay.

It is because of a few people who believe in corruption,that the rest of us are affected because now the entire system is geared in such a way that only by handing over a gift or monetary compensation wil make the wheels go faster or smoother.


Corruption in daily lives

Some people say that only politicians are corrupt,but there are all sorts of corruption that we dont even know about because it happens discretely.There are poor victims of corruption like vegetable vendors on the street that need to pay authorities on daily basis so that they will be allowed to make a small living and support their livelihood.

This sort of street level corruption is evident in all walks of life,from small offices,businesses,public institutions,courts,municipal wards,hospitals,airports etc.You name it,there is not a single place left where this infectious disease has not spread.

How can we stop corruption

As younf responsible people,it is our solemn duty to take a stance against this menace and vow to contain it.Remember we created it,so it is upto us to destroy it too.As long as we stop paying that extra token for services,we can expect a start to a new improved society free from greed.

As responsible citizens we need to do the following:

  • Come forward and complain about corrupt officials
  • Start paying fines rather than paying a bribe
  • Discourage corruption on public forums and blogs

Remember in the end,there will be only one loser – that is us.It is ironic,that we began this system of payouts so that our lives would become easier,but now it has reached such a drastic high that it has consumed people with power and now they will not work efficiently if their palms are not greased substantially.




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