Courier and delivery companies from china

Courier and delivery companies from china – When you purchase products from ALIEXPRESS, all of the merchants offer shipping and handling of their products. Deciding which courier is best for you goes a little more than just the price.In some cases depending how far you live from China,shipping costs can be incredibly high. In the list below is a list of couriers that are offered to the customer.

 Best Courier and delivery companies from China

1.UPS expedited

Expedited is a moderate service range by UPS that provides logisitics services and Is the leader in shipping solutions all over the world.Takes  3-5 business days for delivery.


2.UPS saver

Premium shipping services from UPS that ensures delivery within1-3 business days and costs 20% more than expediated.Good for urgent consignments.


3.China Post air mail

Good for small parcels that are below 2kg weight.Its one of the cheaper mail options that are on offer.Minimum time for delivery -15 days.


4.Chinapost air parcel

China Post air parcel service is the air freight division of China Post and is good for small parcels upto 30kg.Minimumdelivery time 15 days


5.Hongkong Post air parcel

Cheap freight service by Hongkong Post that offered shipping of upto 30kg.Minimum Delivery Time of 7-12 days


6.Hongkongpost air mail

Small Mail service that is good for goods below 2 kg.Minimu delivery time 7-12 days



The most widely networked mail service in the world as it integrates local as well as domestic courier services to reach you.Although most merchants wont advise you to take this option as it does not provide reliable services and no insurance.Keep it as a last option or if on a tight budget as it is one of the cheapest courier services out there.Minimum delivery time3-7 days



Dutch Courier giant is not so well connected in China and Taiwan, but is offered by very few merchants.Excellent for its logistics services.Minimum delivery time of 2-4 days



The biggest player in the market,with shipping charges on par with FEdex and Ups.Good service record with freight charges on the higher side. Minimum delivery time of 2-4 days.



Also not offered by many merchants and Chinese Suppliers,charges on higher side.Minimum delivery time of 2-4 days.


Comparative price of “Tablet Pc” from Chinese online merchant:

Ems $30 10 days

Dhl $32 5 days

Ups express-$60 3 days

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