Credit One Credit Card


Credit One Credit Card – The Credit One Credit Card runs on the VISA network and is a platinum card with an initial line of credit of $1500 for new users.Depending on your credit score, you could  start off with a higher credit limit.What i especially loved about the Credit One Credit Card is the credit protection program that is available to card users.This acts like a safety buffer,and gives a 6 month payment leeway to people that are unemployed or claim disability.If enrolled in the program,and the user dies suddenly,then up to $10,ooo of balance can be cancelled.

Credit One Credit Card

There are two ways of getting the Credit One Credit Card . You can either avail your offer that you received in your email by punching the approval code,or otherwise apply for it on the website with the pre approved checker.The pre approval tool easily gives you an idea if your credit score is good enough to get you the Credit One Credit Card or not.The new card after coming in the mail can be only be activated over the phone and not the internet, within 14 days of receiving it.
This card can also be taken jointly,and will be easily approved if the credit scores of even one of the account holders is in good standing.Both the card holders will be equally responsible for payments on the card,and will share the same line of credit.
One of the most requested feature of the Credit One Credit Card is the personalized photo feature.Its so much in demand that off late,it had to be temporarily suspended, just to take care of the previous backlog that was created by new applicants.

Credit One Credit Card FEES and CHARGES 

0$ fraud liability
$1500 credit limit
0% first year finance charges
1% second year onwards finance charges
3% foreign transaction finance charges
5% or $8 whichever greater-cash advance finance charges
5% of outstanding balance or $25 which ever greater-min amount due
$6-sales slip copy
$10-duplicate montly statement
$35 upto-late payment
$35 upto-returned payment
$0 for first year-cash adance charge-
$75 first year-annual fee

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