Customs clearance charges in India – Procedure | Documents

Customs clearance charges in India – Procedure | Documents – Before you select your Import clearing, forwarding and logistics agent for your imported consignment ,here is the checklist for documents you need to procure for successful customs clearance procedure in India.You do not need this if you are buying from as most probably that will be of a non commercial nature.

The first time might seem complicated,but once you submit these documents,following time will be easier.An even simpler solution,but costs more is to opt for the services of fedex sea cargo or dhl ocean freight shipping.Through this process,things go very smoothly,as they handle all the paperwork,and you don’t have to worry about anything,only fax them some information that they ask for, but they cost as much as 3 times more,and in addition to your freight charges,the cost could skyrocket,so its better to get a local clearing agent.



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Customs clearance charges in India

Customs clearance procedure in India DOCUMENTS 

Bill of Entry- This is also known as Bill of lading or ocean shipping bill or airway bill.It is usually issued  in triplicate by the shipper.It contains particulars about the product that is being shipped like senders name address,importers name and address etc

1.Certificate of origin if required

2.Letter addressed to deputy commissioner of customs authorizing abc logistics to clear on your behalf

3.Letter addressed to deputy commissioner of customs explaining end use of goods (commercial/personal) and if commercial, then the retail sales price has to be mentioned

4.IEC Code with BIN if any

5.Technical literature,price list,manual/catalog or literature

6.Commercial invoice with packing list

7.Set of export documents for insurance of freight in case of damage or repair

8.In case of duty exemption,supply the customs notification number

9.Purchase order and letter of credit-if any




Customs clearance procedure in India 

1.Ocean freight liner brings in goods thorugh shipping company
2.Cargo discharged into port
3.Agent declared forms and documents
4.Examinations and customs duties are taken care of
5.Cargo is cheked out from freight station
6.Cargo is released


Customs clearance charges in India and procedure

For charges related to air cargo please go through CUSTOM DUTY RATES IN INDIA

The charges vary depending on how large the clearing agency is.
An approximate agency charge of 5% of the value of the goods is levied

In addition to about $100 for strapping, repacking ,loading.
A separate invoice passing and examination charge of about 2% is also charged.

Service tax of 10.3 % on basic charges
Any additional charges for container transport or warehouse storage
Survey fee maybe charged as extra

Any charges to third party service providers will eb extra,so inquire about those beforehand.

India octroi rate of 6.5%

 Most small agents will charge you around Rs.4000-5000 for a small consignment clearing service,whcih is only thier agency charges as for all the actual charges that have to be paid to the customs department will be in excess of about 5000 onwards.This is just the jist of customs clearance procedure in india of import cargo.