Customs clearance process in usa is fairly simple as there is no official  license required to import from overseas


1.airway bill/bill of lading/sea way bill

These bills of lading must contain information
origin and destination airport or dock, incoterms of shipping like FOB,EXW CIF.etc Weight and general mention of type of cargo, complete address of sender and receiver as well as the suppliers commercial invoice number.Air waybills must also contain MAWB or HAWB (master or house) mentioned .One very important piece of information that has to be mentioned is HS CODE or harmonized code that is needed to identify and categorize the shipment while applying customs charges.


The commercial inoice given by the foreign
supplier must include the name and address of both itself (supplier) as well as the destination party’s name and address.This invoice should also contain its unique number and date it was dispatched along with gross and net weight of the particulars of the cargo and the system in which they are packaged.-bundles, rolls, stacked,(single double triple)weighted or in carton etc.Lastly like mentioned on the Bill of Lading, it should also have the Hs Code for the products.

3.packing list

This is a document that Includes a list of
other documents that comes with the cargo. It contains a masterlist of all the set required papers that are already bundled and usually has everything listed in a serial order like:

Commercial Invoice

Shippers Details

Sender and Receivers Details

Certificate of origin if required

NAFTA certificate if required

Catalogs and manuals

List of items including weights and
description of each item separately

Certificate declaring hazardous materials if

Certificate of origin if required


This is a simple jist of the important steps
that needs to be implemented for speedy and seamless release of your cargo.It involves just 3 process stages,which can be handled by a customs broker.

Importer fills in ISF 10+2 (Import security
filing) to CBP (Customs Border Protection) only for Ocean import.

Import manifest (also called inward cargo manifest)Is prepared by importer/broker and documents including waybill, packing list and invoice in order to expedite release of cargo. This is done via email to the Customs Department.

Goods are screened and duties and taxes are levied, which is paid by the customs broker and can be reimbursed to him.


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