Dell India Laptop Warranty Review

Dell India laptop warranty – When I went to pickup a laptop, I thought that dell was one of the best in the market, and Dell India Laptop Warranty would be as good For one reason, it’s the most expensive in its segment. I purchased a Core i3 Vostro for Rs.24,500 which came with a one year warranty from the manufacturer (in this case Dell, India).Its safe to assume the warranty starts from the date of purchase and carries on for 1 year henceforth.8 months down the line, the keypad went crazy and was unusable. After calling tech support 5 times and asking them to get it fixed as it definitely was a hardware issue,(which they kept denying saying it was a software problem and made me download many patches and fixes, which never worked) they sent a replacement free of charge as it was in the warranty period.

Dell India Laptop Warranty Review

















3 months later my hard drive wouldn’t boot. With the laptop less than 1 year old I still had it in warranty period, so called tech support again. This time I was shocked to learn that the warranty period “expired” 2 months ago! I was very confused and asked who this was possible as I had the bill from the retailer stating that I bought it on December  28,  2011, which means I still had a good 3 weeks left for the warranty to get over, but the smart man on the phone said the warranty was calculated from the date the machine was manufactured and not the date it was sold!

Dell India Laptop Warranty

Dell India Laptop Warranty Review











I had only one question for him- what if the manufacture date was 6 months before the selling date, does that mean the customer gets only 6 months of warranty period? And his answer was yes!

I have written to my readers just to keep you informed to be extra careful while buying a Dell Product in India, Check the Manufacture date and see that its not too far off from the day you buy it, because that intermittent period will be subtracted from your warranty. Dell Wins because they sold it to the retailer, the retailer wins because I bought it from him and the consumer loses in the end with a laptop less than a year old,and a busted Hard drive for which I have to pay from my own pocket even though it technically is in the warranty period.

I don’t know if other mega corp tech multinationals also play dirty, but I have had excellent replacement s from Intel, Seagate,WD, Kingston and Samsung.

Dell India Laptop Warranty Review

Dell India Laptop Warranty Review

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  1. MANDEEP SINGH October 25, 2013 at 8:48 pm #

    For real? You should have threatened them with a consumer court case?

    • jojo22 October 26, 2013 at 10:10 am #

      ya actually i thought about it

  2. rahul aggarwal December 13, 2012 at 6:23 am #

    that’s utter nonsense saying that the warranty starts from the date of manufacture…!

    i feel sorry for what happened in your case !

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