Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format


Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format for Authorization – In order to clear customs successfully, the sample request authority letter is one of the most important you will have to prepare. There are only two persons who can clear the consigned goods. You or the IEC license holder (whose name appears on IEC) or the person who has the authority letter, given by IEC holder. It is similar to “power of attorney”, as you are giving a third party the power to clear your goods though customs on your behalf and take possession of it.

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Since neither of us individuals have the time or expertise to go personally to the cargo bay and then file the required documents, the authority letter is made in the agents name.

It has to be printed on your company names letter head. Lets say your company is called kayson Impex and agent is called “Anchor Shipping Solutions”

Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Declaration Format sample






54,Doroment street, J Terminal,


CC: Deputy Comissioner of customs


We hereby authorize Anchor shipping solutions and its affiliates (together hereinafter “anchor”, which expression shall mean and include their respective holding company, their affiliates and all their duly designated customs clearance and other agents to:

a)Act as our agents and to do all acts necessary on our behalf including to file all documents, declarations and bills of entry for customs. octroi clearance of all import shipments consigned to us from time to time through the courier or express mode.

b)To file all documents that may be necessary for customs clearance based on the declaration and information regarding the goods provided to Anchor by us or in the absence of the same by the consignors abroad and consigned for delivery to us in India  from time to time.

This authorization shall remain valid and continue till revoked and shall cover all our shipments addressed to our various offices/branches in india

For Kayson Impex



Alternatively if required, another letter addressed directly to deputy commissioner of customs can be prepared if required by the CHA.

In above format, simply change


The deputy commissioner of customs,

JNPT/New custom house Mumbai/Sahar Air cargo Complex



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