Electrical Engineering Course,Scope,Career,Salary and Job


Electrical Engineering Course,Scope,Career,Salary and Job – Electrical Engineering program is a 4 year Bachelors Degree that is eight semesters long.It is the most stable career and one of the oldest streams of engineering in the world that will give you a good job and a decent salary.This course is heavy in Power Systems and Control Systems along with Electrical Machines as a major subject.

Since i my self am an electrical Engineer,from Indira Gandhi college of engineering and i can give you a  first hand account of how the curse and syllabus is so that you know how and what to study to avoid any ATKTs.


Keep the following points in mind before taking up this branch:

1.Mathematics 1,2,3,4,5 are common for all branches of engineering. Maths 1 has successive differential calculus and is HARD. Maths 2 is slightly better because of Integral Calculus and is fun. Maths 3 and 4 are much easier with things like matrices etc.Easy to clear. Maths 5 again is full of Theoretical maths and Statistics-requires lots of effort.

2.In each semester from sem 3 onward there will be one 100% theory subject in each semester like electrical measurements,power systems etc.These are very easy to pass if you write lots of text in the answer sheet and draw sufficient diagrams.

3.There are some common subjects with different names that you will share with other branches like Signals and systems,ADIC, Electronics,Microprocessor. All these subjects are on the harder side and there is no way you will even understand anything in it.Better to just attempt full theory and rely on passing it.If you try numericals and try to understand you will surely find it VERY hard to pass and that is risky.

4.There are 3 Electrical Machine subjects- Machine 1,2,3 in 5,6,7th semesters.These have theory in it so again medium difficulty to pass but it is complex.

5.Control systems has 2 subjects,CS1 and CS2 in 5th and 7th semesters.Both are moderate difficult.

6.Luckily at electrical branch we get only 1 microprocessor-You wont understand one word in this subject,and even if you do, after 5 minutes you’ll forget it.Rely on drawing flowcharts for every answer and attempt only theory.DO NOT try and write programs.Feel sorry for computer and IT branches who have Microprocessor 1,2,3.


Electrical Engineering Course Syllabus and Subjects

For the entire scheme and details of syllabus for Mumbai university and Anna university Electrical engineering go here.

Applied Mathematics-I

FEC102 Applied Physics-I

FEC103 Applied Chemistry –I

FEC104 Engineering Mechanics

FEC105 Basic Electrical

FEC106 Environmental studies

FEL101 Basic Workshop Practice-I


Applied Mathematics-II

FEC202 Applied

FEC203 Applied Chemistry -II

FEC204 Engineering Drawing

FEC205 Structured Programming

FEC206 Communication

FEL201 Basic Workshop


Applied Mathematics – III
EEC302 Electronic Devices and Circuits
EEC303 Conventional and Non-Conventional
Power Generation
EEC304 Electrical and Electronics
EEC305 Electrical Machine
EEL301 Electrical and Electronics
Measurement Lab
EEL302 Object Oriented Programming and
Methodology Lab – 4#
EEL303 Electronics Lab – I
EEL304 Electrical Machine Lab- I


Applied Mathematics – IV
EEC402 Power System – I
EEC403 Electrical Machines – II
EEC404 Electromagnetic Field and wave
EEC405 Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
EEC406 Electrical Network
EEL401 Simulation Lab
EEL402 Electrical Machines Lab – II
EEL403 Electronics Lab – II –
EEL404 Electrical Workshop


Protection and Switchgear
Engineering 4
EEC502 Electrical Machines – II
EEC503 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
EEC504 Power Electronics
EEC505 Communication Engineering
EEC506 Business Communication and


Design, Management and Auditing
of Electrical Systems
EEC802 Drives and Control
EEC803 Power System Planning and
EEE80X Elective- II
EEC805 Project- II


Future scope and salary

Many of my classmates who had passed out along with me had taken jobs directly after graduation.Many of them got into Siemens,BHEL and Emco.These are strictly Electrical engineering based jobs and the starting salary that they got was about Rs.25000 a month.

Some others joined normal corporate offices and worked in the FACILITY department.They told em this is not a good job and is not “respectful”.My good friend did this job for about rs.22,000 a month starting salary at ILFS.He said you have to sit in a basement on a tbale and chair with one phone.People from all over the building top floors will call you for small things.Some maybe electrical related like air conditioner problems or some other electric fitting issue.Whereas some call for reasons like there is a pigoen (kabootar) that came through the shaft. or the fan in the office is not going fast etc.This type of job is good as a “in between” in your career,while you are searching through other good jobs.

Other pass-out students in my batch,mostly girls,went in for software testing.It is not at all related to our field but you can get hired by software companies to test their newly developed software for bugs,before it is sold to the client.Again here salary is approx, Rs.25000


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