Engineering colleges in gulf countries


Engineering colleges in gulf countries – The gulf and middle eastern countries are a great place to start a career and education in the engineering profession.It is a hub of industrial activity with the largest concentration of oil drilling and excavation in the world.People from all over the world come here to earn a good income after doing engineering in fields related to Petrochemical ,Mechanical ,Civil and production engineering.

Read about the scope of Engineering jobs in Gulf countries

Why so many American Universities in Gulf countries?

America since the last 50 years has been a strong ally of most Gulf countries so that it can have easier access to the oil fields.The  largest distributor of oil and gas in the world is situated in Saudi Arabia and is called ARAMCO or short for Arabic American Oil company has thousands of foreign workers in a mini city especially created in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How much does an engineering course in Gulf countries cost?

For Indian students wanting to study in Gulf countries it can be extremely expensive,sometimes even more than American Universities.The average tuition fees per semester for undergraduate engineering courses can be anywhere from 6 lacs to 9 lacs,or about USD $ 13,000., and for master courses it can increase to 10-14 lacs per semester. Assuming there are two semesters per year,it will cost close to 16 lacs a year.

This does not include accommodation,library,exam fees etc.Those are sperate. It is a big investment,but the returns after getting a job in Saudi is well worth it.Engineers recruited into oil refineries,industrial plants and real estate development  earn substantially high salaries and get benefits of lodging,healthcare and bonuses.

Things to Remember

1.Most of the  tuition fees are high as you have read above.But there are many scholarship programs and financial aid options for students based on merit.These can be applied for at the university website and all universities provide this service.

2.Due to the Gulf countries being bound by Islamic code of conduct, many universities have separate courses and campuses for male and female students.

3.Tuition fees is shown below for each and every college and is calculated in most cases on a  per credit hours basis.Some are listed as semester wise tuition fee.

4.Be sure to check whether the course is actually an engineering course and not just a science degree.Different colleges have often confusing names for courses and as in India and Internationally engineering degrees go by the name of B.E or B.S degrees, but in Gulf countries they are all Bachelors of Scince or B.Sc.

Also many architecture courses and interior design courses are also classified as engineering degrees and are available in all engineering colleges /universities.

Academic schedule of Gulf engineering colleges

The new admissions start in the month of April with the first semester from August to October.This is followed by mid term exams and the final exams in the month of December.The second semester is after the winter holidays.Second semester has mid terms in March and final exam in May.This is the schedule of the college.


12 of the Best Engineering colleges in gulf countries

Arranged in no particular order


1.Ajman University College of Engineering

 Ajman Uiversity in  UAE, United Arab Emirates is one of the best institutions in the Emairates that offers engineering degrees in B.SC in a variety of branches.

Fees for Ajman college of Engineering

Engineering colleges in gulf countries

Courses Offered

B.Sc in Electrical Engineering/ Electronics 70% Science 142
B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering 70% Science 169
B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering 70% Science 141
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering 70% Science 140
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering/ Communication 70% Science 142
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering/ Instrumentation & Control 70% Science 142


For more information regarding admission and programs go here

For admission requirements and Documents go here

2.American University of Sharjah
Computer Science and Engineering Department

Situated in Sharjah City,UAE


Engineering Courses Offered

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (MSBME)
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE)
Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE)
Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCoE)
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)
Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering (MSMTR)
Minor in Aerospace Engineering
Minor in Computer Engineering
Minor in Electrical Engineering
Minor in Environmental and Water Engineering
Minor in Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Mechatronics Engineering
Minor in Petroleum Engineering

Tuition Fees


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RIT Dubai is in UAE – Rochester institute of Technology is almost 200 year old institution from Rochester ,New York,USA and has its branch here in the Dubai silicon Technology park.Here the courses offered in engineering are both in Bachelors and Masters.The good thing is that the degrees offered here are valid in USA also which is a big advantage if you want to get a job there. Certain courses can also be taken at the New york campus of RIT as well.Not only is the campus international,but also are the professors,many are American here.

Engineering Courses Offered







fpr amdission and to appy click here


4.UAE University

College of Information Technology

  • Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi
    United Arab Emirates

Courses Offered

Architectural Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Communication Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Minor in Mechatronics Engineering

Minor in Aerospace Engineering

  • For admissions click here


Engineering colleges in gulf countries


5.King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

It is situated in Thuwal which is in Saudi Arabia.The CEMSE – Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division is the department that takes care of all the engieering faculty and studies.

 Courses Offered

Bioscience (B)

Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE)

Marine Science (MarS)

Plant Science (PS)

Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (AMCS)

Computer Science (CS)

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE)

arth Science and Engineering (ErSE)

Material Science and Engineering (MSE)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)


To apply to KAUST for admission click here


6.University of Hail

Multiple Academic Colleges that are affiliated to University of Hail, which is situated in the City of Ha’il in Saudi Arabia


Engineering courses offered:

College of computer science and engineering –

Computer  Engineering
Computer Science
Software Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial and systems
Architectural Engineering

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7.Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University {PMU}

College of Engineering of PMU is in the Eastern Province of Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia.The males and females are separated into different campuses and also the engineering courses offered to both are different.


COE Department (MALE CAMPUS)

  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)



  • Interior Design (ID)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)


Engineering colleges in gulf countries


to apply for admission go here 


 8.Taif University

University of Taif is in Al Hawiyah in the district of Taif of saudi Arabia.

It offers engineering Courses in :

Mining, Electrical, Industrial, Architectural and Mechanical Engineering

9.University of Prince Mugrin

College of Engineering in Madinah – Saudi Arabia


Courses offered:

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering (BSAE)

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

Bachelor of Science Interior Design Engineering (BSIDE)

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Engineering colleges in gulf countries

10.Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ)

Electrical and Computer Engineering- Another American Unbiversity which is headquartered in Texas,USA and its branch in Doha capital city of Qatar.You can expect the same level of education as in its American Campus with many faculty members being American.

Courses Offered :

Chemical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering


To apply for admission go here


Engineering colleges in gulf countries

11.Qatar University

The speciality of Qatar Unversity is Chemical Engineering,however other courses are also offered which are:

 Courses Offered:

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

12.International College of Engineering & Managment (ICEM)

One of the best engineering colleges in the world that concentrates on oil rigging,exploration and refining engineering disciplines. It is Omans engineering institute that is situated in the city of Oman.It has a total of 5 science degrees and two of them are purely engineering based,other are safety courses.

It is affiliated to UCLan UK,and the out of the four years of education,the final year engineering can be studied in the partner college of UCLan.


  1. Pass (Grade C) in Grade 12 exam (Thanawiya amma) with Pure or Applied Mathematics or equivalent qualification as per Oman Qualification Framework.
  2. Candidates should also successfully pass the ICEM entry test / ICEM General Foundation Programme.


Fire Safety Engineering is for students who wish to be involved in the design of fire safety . It is a field which explores the various possibilities of preventing fires. Fire safety engineering is  the science of designing buildings and facilities safety prevention in the event of a fire.

This course can be studied full-time or part-time. Part-time study options are available subject to sufficient demand.


B.Eng (hons) Mechanical Engineering – Well Engineering

This course is professional with strong theoretical and practical skills included. Graduates are well equipped for an excellent career in the energy and engineering industry. The course includes an optional industrial placement opportunity.

This Honours degree course in Mechanical Engineering (Well Engineering) is operated jointly by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and the International College of Engineering & Management (ICEM).



13.American University of the Middle East (AUM) -KUWAIT


Engineering courses offered:

B.Sc. Industrial Engineering

B.Sc. Computer Engineering

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering

B.Sc. Information Systems and Technology

B.Sc. Telecommunications and Networking Technology



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