Essay On Online Classes During Lockdown | Online Classes Essay


Essay On Online Classes During Lockdown

Essay On Online Classes During Lockdown | Online classes essay is an elaborate composition of ideas regarding online and virtual classes that student attend during the lockdown and this also contains different types of experiences, drawbacks and advantages that the students will face.

Essay On Online Classes During Lockdown

Since the last year,all schools have opted for virtual classes and online learning all throughout the country as well as all over the world.This is a new form of education that is being imparted to our student and uses the internet as a medium of communication.

This online mode of classes has been a joint effort of teachers and parents in order to continue providing education to the students during lockdown and this way they will continue to gain knowledge.

One of the biggest advantages of this online mode of teaching is that there is a one to one focus between each student and the teacher as well as a plethora of images,media and documents that can be shared during the course of the online class.

There are various programs that are being used to conduct these online classes like Google Duo,Skype,Facetime etc however the most famous of them all is Zoom.This software is especially created to hold meeting and conferences between groups of people.

One small disadvantage of online classes is the fact many students in rural villages and smaller towns do not have access to computers, laptops or high quality mobile devices.This maybe a hurdle for students of tier 2 and tier 3 cities.Also,another disadvantage is that of technology glitches and poor reception of the internet.This could be a hindrance for some students during the online class.

To sum it up,online classes during the lockdown have been extremely beneficial to students,but traditional classroom studies have many more advantages.

Short Essay On Online Classes During Lockdown In 200+ Words

The new age of technology has been a boon for many students who have continued thier classroom learning through the online mode of education.

This has been made possible due to the availability of many software programs like Skype,jio meet,Zoom and many more.

In order to commence the online class the concerned teachers will share the link of the meeting along with the userid and the student can join the class at that respective time.

The teachers need to be extra attentive to the students as this a new type of medium for teaching.

Several types of documents and files can be shared between the teacher and the virtual classroom this enabling the students to discover a new platform to share and submit online homework.

Online classes have been more prevalent in the larger cities due to good connectivity of internet as well as students who have better access to technology.

During the lockdown,the only way for teachers to interact with students is by live chatting and this has worked well over the past year.However there are certain issues that teachers find difficult to handle and this is the level of discipline during an online class.

Some of the disadvantages the student face are strain on the eyes due to long hours in front of the computer a well as no physical activity during this period.

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Essay On Experience Of Online Classes During the Lockdown

My experience of online classes during the pandemic was very fruitful and exciting because it was a new way of learning.

We had abundant access to different types of digital tools and also writing tests and submitting homework was so much easier and fun.

Another important advantage of our online classes was the teachers ability to share screens,,video,audio and text documents easily with us,which will be much harder in the classroom .

I wish to thank all my teachers and professors who did their level best to teach us through this new medium,it must have been a challenge for them.

What i miss most of all was the physical activity and games that we play in the school during our recess and short break.

The teachers contributed in a big way to teach us every subject from the syllabus and complete the portion in time for the online tests.

It was a new experience for all of us when we wrote our online tests and examinations but was also a new method of learning for all of us.

I am hoping we can get back to our regular classroom studies as soon as this pandemic comes to an end and i am looking forward to it.

Frequently asked question and answers –

(Q) What is your experience with online classes?

Overall,my experience has been both fulfilling and fun.It was a new way of learning for all of us and the teachers excelled with this new format.

(Q)What are the advantages and disadvantages of online classes?

there are a few advantrages as well as disadvantages of online classes and they are:

Advantages of online classes –

1.Access to lots of media,audio,visual,documents,screenshots etc.

2.Direct one on one communication with the teacher.

3.More subject matter can be taught in a shorter duration of time.

4.Broader access to digital tools.

5.Less use of paper and books as everything is digital

Disadvantages of online classes

1.Poorer students dont have access to laptops,computers.

2.Rural areas have bad connectivity and less technology.

3.Harder to conduct examinations and tests.

4.Difficult to keep track of mischievous students.

(Q) Are online classes effective and good for students?

As mentioned above there are various good and bad sides to online classes during the lockdown which are highlighted above.However offline classroom studies are seen to be a little more beneficial.

(Q)In what way does online classes help students ?

There are tremendous advantages that can help students continue learning through online classes.If there was no online classes then many students would have lost one or two years of their education, therefore it has been a great boon.

(Q) Are online classes effective in India?

This is a mixed response answer because in big cities they have helped many students.However in small towns and villages without infrastructure, students do not have access to computers, laptops and also there is poor internet connections.

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