Flipkart review –Everybody has seen Flipkart’s aggressive ad campaign on tv with the punchline “no  kidding”, that tries to showcase  the portals easy cash on delivery system. This was baffling to us, as COD is as old as the hills so why stress so much on this in the  adverts? that being said, there was no other way to distinguish it from hundreds of other ecommerce websites in the country. We began by  ordering from there a few times to see what all the fuss was about. Initially, started off as a bookstore ,it now houses electronics and other forms of media too.

flipkart review

flipkart review

 We placed 4 different orders spread over a period of 3 weeks to test delivery  consistency and product quality. The items  were :1 Electric Kettle 2.Movie DVDs    3.Books 4.Digital Medical Equipment. This is what we observed:

1.Delivery– within 3 working days. Despite reports of delayed orders, all of 3 came   on time. The fourth item, a book, that was not available in any other online store  was especially imported for us,hence took 10 odd working days.(honestly we   would’ve   waited even longer as no one else had it)

2.Good collection of books– One of the most overwhelming collections of books   is  on Flipkart.com. For those book aficionados  this is heaven, as no other online  store houses so many titles, and if there is some particular title that you need that  no  one stocks, you can request for it,it might take longer but if anyone can source it for you, it is Flipkart.

3.Discounts-Comparing prices in the real world bookstores, video stores and on   Flipkart.com, there is almost a 40-45% drop in prices on Flipkart, that too coming  to  your home at a click of a mouse, it doesn’t get better than this.

4.Defective goods-Out of the 4 items we ordered, one of them, the digital medical instrument failed to come on with battery support, even though the bundled batteries were from a sealed pack. So it had to be a problem with the instrument.   After talking  to a customer executive, they agreed to send another piece, no  questions asked. In  another week a perfectly packed piece reached our door. This worked well, so we   are glad they kept their word on taking back and replacing  faulty goods promptly.

5.Variety-We wish they would have more variety in goods instead of just books and gadgets.

All in all, the shopping experience was good. They kept their word about  replacement guarantee which we like and I highly recommend Flipkart for book lovers.As far as the gadgets and electronics go, its just like any other e commerce site. The rates are almost the same ,not very competitive, but maybe in future they can slash those rates too, and it wont be long before Flipkart takes on head to head with Indiatimes to be the no.1 ranked online store in the country.


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