Free prepaid debit cards with no fees


Free prepaid debit cards with no fees – Free prepaid debit cards with no fees -After getting a few mails asking if i could come up with a list of free prepaid debit cards with no fees i made a short compilation.Most of these cards have zero activation charges and nil monthly charges.If you come across a card that does have a starting charge,or has recently started charging new users,please let me know.Before getting to the list,here are a few common advantages that feature in all the cards:
Convenience of adding money and using it anywhere visa and mastercard are used
You can add a check,paycheck easily and conveniently.
Accessible at major cash networks like Greendot and Moneylink
Easily transfer of funds from one account to another
No need of having a good FICO score as its not based on your credit score
No fees and penalties like Overlimit fees,late fees,no interest.

Free prepaid debit cards with no fees


Amex prepaid

No monthly fees,annual charges
Can be loaded by phone,online,bank account or cash
Can be used at millions of stores
Easily set up users to check online balances transactions,set up alerts
No overdraft fees,if lost/stolen,funds will be replaces by amex theft/purchase protection
No activating fees,no reloading fees
5 basic road assistance

Upside prepaid

If u load more than $500 then charge is 0.99 a month
Write personal checks online/mobile phone,
Get your paycheck onto the card directly
No credit check
Freedirect deposit
50,000 locations to deposit cash instantly onto the card
Earn cashback,discounts on prescreption and healthcare
Get free 500 points if you activate it online
Works easily with Greendot and Moneypak networks
No fees on purchases

Ready debit

Free creditscore tracker
No credit or chexsystems checks
Free direct deposit
Pay check and benefits directly loaded on the card
Totally free
Money from payday check comes instantly into the account
Accessible at more than 50,000 money pak and greendot networks.
Unauthorised card protection with visa zero liability policy
Instant bill payments

Ace Elite

Get your benefits and payroll checks direct deposited 2 days faster to your ace visa card
Withdraw upto $300 a day without any charges
Amount on the card is FDIC insured
Virtual account feature for secure online and phone shopping


No penalty charges,nooverdraft fees,no minimum balance.
Free atm usage at all the moneypak network ATMs
No monthly charges if you load more than $1000 or make 30 purchases for that month


Simply give your name,address and DOB to register the card.
Its safer than cash as the funds on the card are protected if the card is stolen/lost.
Also after registration,the funds on the card are FDIC insured.
Free direct deposit and online bill pay feature

Vision Premier

Roadside assistance 24/7
Free mobile banking
Free direct deposit
No interest,over limit fees or late charges.
Pay bills online or by phone for free
Get 1 % cash back when you pay for gas.
Get a savings account that pays 5.65% APY

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