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Scope of civil Engineering  – For some reason in the last few months i received a few emails regarding queries about the future scope of Civil engineering in India.After the advent of Computer/IT engineering,everybody only wanted to take those two streams because the scope of computer engineering was high, and all other engineering branches including Aeronautical Engineering that has a good salary, took a back seat.

Now,all second tier cities are getting higher allocated funds from the Central Ministry for development and infrastructure, and the construction of many new projects in the tier one cities are also at an all time high,owing to the realty rate being at the highest peak in the history of urban development.

Every big property broker now is acting like a middleman/developer by trying to get huge projects together by coordinating with the builders and contractors. This is the reason why Civil Engineering is suddenly become a hot choice all over again just like it was 20 years ago.New Engineering candidates can take note of this, as IT/Computer branches have too much competition job wise and have saturated.

For full semesterwise syllabus of Civil Engineering go here

Scope of civil Engineering & Capacity

After  you pass out and get a B.E (Civil) or B.Tech (Civil) there are three possible aspects of a job you can opt for,each of them have distinct opportunities.

Public Sector

Mostly State Government funded projects which are organised by issuing tenders in a local daily, from which the lowest bidder usually wins the contract.These are for constructing bridges,flyovers,roads, power project construction,dams and airports.

Private Sector

Big family run construction businesses like Lodha realty and Hiranandani Constructions are in the business of creating family dwellings, townships residential apartments, malls and multistory buildings.

Domestic Vs. International

In the past 5 years, most private construction companies have undertaken projects in the Gulf,Middle East and South East Asia to build Hotels and Townships.

Civil Engineering colleges

Getting a Civil Engineering seat is not as hard as getting a IT/Computer seat.The demand is still not high with just about 20% of engineering colleges allocating seats for it  Some of the top Civil Engineering colleges that you can get into.These are not ranked in any particular order.

These colleges are EXTREMELY hard into secure admission into but remember one thing.The college is only as good as the infrastructure,professors and a campus placement,everything else is on your own steam.So do not be disappointed or think less of yourself if you cant secure a seat in any of these institutions,because the level of education quality is just as good in any other college,just without the brand prestige.

IIT Roorkeee

IIT Delhi

BITS Pilani

VIT university-Vellore

NIT warangal

SRM University

IIT Roorkee

NIT Silchar

Anna university

Vivekananda college


Civil Engineering companies

Below are listed some of the Biggest and best construction/development companies that actively recruit Civil Engineers for their projects and management.Simply click on the relevant choice to go to contact page.



TATA Infrastructure

Gammon India

L & T Infra

Nagarjuna Construction

Job profile & Pay Pacakages

Job profiles include:

1.Site Engineer

2.Assistant Engineer

3.Project Assistant

4.Land Surveyor


6.Structural Designer

7.Planning Engineer

8.Field Engineer



Here are some CTC (Cost to Company) sent in by our readers an some from our own peers.

Note:All figures are for freshers with nil experience.Offers may differ from state to state and other factors.All figures in LPA (Lac per annum)

Construction Residential- 1.78 LPA

Construction Commercial-1.88LPA

Design-1.88 LPA

Auto Cad-2.10 LPA

Please feel free to add to this list your own personal CTC in the comments section below so that other engineering aspirants can get more knowledge about this industry.

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