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Hair wash tips for dry hair – Care |treatment | shampoo – Dry hair can be a dead ringer to you natural health of your scalp. Hair care for dry hair needs to be done the right way and can be an indication of how much natural oil your scalp is producing. In other instances, it can simply mean you have been treating it unkindly and you need to tweak your hair habits.

If you already haven’t figured out what those bad hair habits are,or if you sub consciously have indulged in it,here are a few reasons why your hair may have become dry:

Hair wash tips for dry hair

Hair wash tips for dry hair –  Dry Hair Reasons


This first point is the most important because it is a bit of a paradox.The temperature of the shower being too warm is a good and a bad thing both.First the good,the warm water helps opening of the pores on the scalp thereby allowing a healthy pathway for the natural oils to extrude. Too much hot water everyday will simply wash off these essential natural lubricants faster than it is being produced.

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Our lifesavers for a quick perm,blow dry or straighten could possibly do more damage than we might like.Not only does dry heat do damage to the cuticle and natural fiber of the hair, but can even to an extent cause breakage.Especially if these heat appliances are used more than once a weak without us even realizing it.


Just like curly hair, silky smooth or wavy hair patterns are influenced by our genetic make up, so does the texture and quality depend on our genetics.What we need to do is groom our hair accordingly to substitute what is lacking.


Too much of sun can wreak havoc on the hair. Some vitamins that we receive form the sun is good, but too much of mid after noon hot rays can be bad and dry out not only our scalp and hair but also cause an imbalance to the natural oil producing cycle of the scalp pores that helps to maintain and act like a natural moisturizing agent.

Which is the best shampoo for dry hair?

The most important thing to choose a good shampoo and conditioner that has moisturizing properties and can retain the moisture in the follicles even after a few days of washing.The key is to keep the shampooing to once a week for dry hair.This allows for regeneration of sebum of the scalp on days that is it not washed.Sebum acts as a natural moisturizer for the scalp, and if its washed away regularly it will be disadvantageous for your dry hair.

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How to treat dry hair?

There are a few good treatment ideas for dry hair.As mentioned above, the primary one is to use a moisture retentive shampoo and conditioner that will hold the moisture for a few days till it is naturally replenished by the body.The shampoo should be a natural oil based instead of  a fruit based one.Ideal duration between uses of this shampoo is 5 days.In addition to this you need to take in lots of liquids and fruits/vegetables that have a natural high content of moisture. Oiling using almond oil needs to be done to the hair every 3 days, and this can help tremendously to keep the hair healthy. Another treatment that needs to be done is to use a heat shielding agent when going out in the sun.similar to a sun screen lotion for the skin, this special lotion for the hair does not allow the hair to be dried out.

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