Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review | New rates 2018

Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review and new rates 2018 – Was waiting patiently since months to get my ultra high speed broadband line.I have been using a 2 mbps plan since the last 2 years. The only other option was a 5 mbps with some seriously strict download plans, so i stayed with the 2 mbps.

Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review | New rates 2018

Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review | New rates 2018

Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review | New rates 2018

After getting frustrated i was on the verge of going in for a new mtnl plan that promised 10mbps optical cable lines using some new fiber technology. I called up mtnl, even got a new telephone line, and then some lady explained to me it still wasn’t in my area, which happens to be one of the oldest and most affluent in the city (south mumbai).I gave up on mtnl, thought i would rely on the privately run Hathway that i had been a loyal customer since more than 5 years.

It finally paid off when i got an sms about a new DOCSIS plans introducing only to south mumbai residents, ranging from 15mbps , 25mbps and 50 mbps. To make things even better the prices almost made me faint!! 599,799 and 999! monthly This was cheaper than my rusty old 2mbps line! Immediately called the hotline and did the online payment. One small catch is that you have to pay quarterly Rs.599 + taxes came to Rs.690 monthly and about Rs.1900 odd quarterly. Compared to Rs.775 i was currently paying for my 2mbps.

This was a jump of 7.5 times speed wise! Kudos to new technology.Within 3 days i got the installation done. Just a new modem, without any login particulars, much better.

To test the actual speed i did a few downloads and also used an online broadband speed tester, spread across 3 days and at various times during the day. I got a maximum speed at night with this direct video download as seen below .

1.5MB/s roughly  corresponds to about 14.5 mbps, which is as fast as i expect this to  go.At other times however, i got mixed results, and slow speeds in the daytime of 7.75mbps and 4.27mbps.

Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review





Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review





Hathway broadband DOCSIS plan review





On more noticeable difference in the docsis plan was the missing authentication routine of login and password. This was a nuicense as at times the network would mysteriously “log you off” at various times during the day, maybe a smart thing to cap unregulated downloads.

In the coming months i expect the speed to stabilise, and wouldnt be surpised with some new innovative way of hathway to initiate the authentication process as soon as more users take up the plans.

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  1. Ruturaj October 27, 2014 at 10:48 am #

    Dr Hem – I live in Kothrud too near Karishma Society, Thanks a ton for informative and Bang on the reality Review of Hathway, I was Hathway user once upon a time, and switched to You cable after being fed up of their customer care who Do Not Care At All, Would like to know which ISP did you shifted too, I am on verge of choosing You Broadband with either 1 MBPS unlimited plan or 10 MBPS 6 month plan

    • jojo22 October 28, 2014 at 5:40 pm #

      hathway is good coz they offer 50mbps,,anything else is too slow

  2. Dr Hem August 14, 2014 at 11:38 am #

    I am a user of DOCSIS HD1 plan in Kothrud. Few observations:
    1. I am using Docsis HD stream 1, 50MBPS plan with 10 gb download and once the 10GB download(?) is over, speed drops down to 512 kbps crawl. With some weird calculation of bandwidth usage my 10GB gets over in first 3-5 days of a month.So I keep using the net at 512KB for the rest of the month.

    2. If you buy a hathway connection keep this in mind – to make it operational the first time like wiring to your home ans setting up the modem etc , keep Rs 100 worth of phone calls/SMS to call the bozos sitting in various places in Pune: in my case few dumb dodos sitting at JM road office, few scoundrel including a woman, sitting in Bhandarkar road office, and dumb dodos sitting in Paramhansnagar office, who take order from these two offices, have to be ‘activated’ to do the necessary. This is almost akin to climbing Mt. Everest as the local office bosses, the engineer, the wireman, the customer care in Mumbai, and the accounts department play hide and seek to their hearts content before they yield to your wishes. By this time your Rs100 are gone calling them. Mind you, you can never call these places directly to sort out any problem or even to inquire as simple a thing as querying about general functioning/failure of the broadband in your area! You need to go through their equally stupid customer care; and for Docsis the pain is even more as it is located in Mumbai even for solving problems in Pune; so more shelling out of money to make 022 calls. One has to go through the recital of Shlokas of name, address phone number, account number etc before anyone talks to you. Also they would not understand the problem straight away. Even if all the lights on the modem are off meaning there is a server problem, they will ask you to switch the modem on/off, then ping to the server (mind you the server light is not on); all this to make you pay the phone company also. I suspect they are hand in glove with the phone companies as no call gets over till it gets to 10 minutes minimum.

    If there is no man made interruption, hathway connection would work for months together in my case. No problem at all. No speed up and down once it goes to 512KBPS. So technology is okay as compared to YOU. The harassment will be on once again in cyclic way, once your account gets over and then you go through the whole rigmarole again. A new element is the accounts department, that is sending me some additional bills for no reason after doing full payment of 6 months. They do their calculations on fingers I understand; so they go wrong with the renewal plans. Also you write to the concerned officers and they never reply. They never receive their phone numbers given on the website, this also includes nodal officer!!!. How low one can go – to learn buy Hathway broadband. Amen !

  3. Krishna chaitanya Ch May 20, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

    I have been using hathway broadband for almost 2 years now and the service has been very good.

    10 days back I came to know about docsis 3.0 and called customer care to enquire about the plans. They assured me that once payment is done they will change the existing modem in 48 hrs and new docsis plan will be active.

    Since I was a happy customer till date, I opted for 3 month plan and made the payment and emailed them the details. Its been more than a week now and there has been no call for change of modem.

    Whenever I call customer care they just log a case instruct to email time and again. When email is sent, get a response saying the respective team has been notified and you will be contacted shortly.

    No idea what is taking so long.

    • jojo22 May 21, 2014 at 8:44 am #

      dont call CC,, there is a special number for DOCSIS,,try that,,,i dont know it offhand

  4. bms234 May 6, 2014 at 11:04 am #

    I recently visited my friends house who is currectly using 50 mbps line of Hathay and he showed me the download speed on Speed test of around 40mbps. I have applied for my connection hoping to receive it this week. Will let you’ll know the result. Cheers!!!

  5. Stafford D'sa March 28, 2014 at 12:45 pm #

    Hey Joel,

    My name is Stafford residing in Bangalore. I heard about Hathway’s new Docsis 3.0 plan, I’ve been using Hathway since 2004 and always had speed plans of 512kb/ps-600 kbps per month with no FUP limit. I renewed my plan to a 5mb/ps a month with 30 gb FUP paying Rs.10500 odd for the year. And today the docsis plan launches in Bangalore. I’ve heard from some reviewers that the speed is good only during the 1st month to rope you in ? What are your comments on this ? I’m planning to shift to the docsis 50mb plan offering 40gb FUP, post 512 kbps. Rs.11000+ tax.

    • jojo22 March 29, 2014 at 8:41 am #

      hi stafford,,right now all docsis plans here in mumbai are 50mbps. This roughly translates to dowload rate of 4MB/sec, i am getting 3.5MBPS, which is ok. There are various factors that affect this,,browser,FTP,P2p, all will give differnet results,,but the fastest i gotwas3.5MB/s,,so itsnot bad

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