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Overseas Education Consultants | Foreign|Global – HOW TO AVOID STUDY ABROAD CONSULTANTS AND DO IT YOURSELF – A quick guide to circumventing those educational touts or the higher education agency that “makes it easy” to get you into a good college.Many of them advertise in the classifieds,there are a  few dozen of them that promise to even throw in a work permit.These institutions charge a nominal fee from the student,and it’s a wonder how they sustain their businesses on that.

There’s a simple solution to that, which most of us already have guessed,they tie up with new and not- so- great universities and in return receive a cut back for every student that takes admission through them. They also offer free counselling services and IELTS/TOEFL training as an extra lure.It sounds like a good deal,and it does save you some trouble and the pesky paperwork,but what you don’t have is a matter  of choice.

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1.They help to choose a correct college and program based on your requirements and marks and help you with calculating your costs and expenses of the full trip.

2.You get all the help with paper work,which is a BIG HASSLE.Everything from posting of transcripts,sending the application forms,paying the fees , all is taken care of by these agencies.

3.Many agencies that send students to Russia and other places,also arrange accommodation with coking gas,beds etc.They setup the apartment for you totally.Some also send their own person along with you to escort you to the college and settle you in!

4.Many higher education consultants also help you with documents and advice regarding permanent residency in that country of study after you finish your program.

5.They help you with the language tests like TOEFL and IELTS.Many offer these mock tests free of charge for their applicants,which is really good because you need lots of practice.

6.The most important part is the student visa.They help you alot and advice you with the entire process.This is a tricky part and your entire study depends on this.There are lots of documents and conditions to fulfill to get your study visa and these agents guide you nicely so that your visa is not rejected.

How to handle your own admission process without a higher education agency

If you feel you deserve a better college,based on your spotless track merit, that the university agency doesn’t offer,you would have to settle for something less. So lets widen your horizon, suggesting you could also “do it yourself”—here’s how:

1.Before settling on your country of choice,go through the master list or directory of colleges/universities.visit each website,scanning through to see which college matches your desired study course,and check the fee structure.

2.Each college has its own pattern of course fees,some come across as reasonably cheaper than the rest,take your time to narrow your search down to 5-6 colleges that look promising.

3.On the admission tab of the website,download the application forms,for which you would be required to pay a small fee.Once downloaded,along with the prescribed set of other documents,it should be mailed to the university.About 5-6  applications to various colleges should be fine,even if half of those reject you on subjective grounds,you still have a choice of decent choice.

4.It would then take  an anxious 3 to 4 months before you receive the replies.you would be required to pay a  confirmation amount if you wish to accept the admission into a particular university,within the stipulated few weeks that they give you to pay.Its a small amount in the range of $300,after which you receive the confirmation letter.

5.Take this confirmation letter to your local bank/financial institution if you wish to avail a student loan,which is recommended,for at least  half the tuition cost.

6.For the visa you would have to go to the visa issuing consulate in your local city or respective high commission ,for which the fee is about a $150.Applying for the visa needs some documents like passport,photographs,college confirmation letter and paid receipt,brochures and details of the college that accepted you along with course details.Also financial information like bank statements showing family funds,assets and accounts,which is the proof of ability to pay the rest of the course fees and living expenses.

7.Next would be the medical reports that would have to be submitted along with you visa application.A test of English like the TOEFL/IELTS is mandatory and would have  a good score in order to proceed.Once the visa is processed which is the last block,all you then need is your ticket, and your’e off.

 The above procedure from start to end takes a good 10 months.So plan early,so you don’t miss out and get into the  best college of your choice and finally say goodbye to that university agency that got things messy the last time.


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