How to become a Commercial Pilot after 12th Science

How to become a Commercial Pilot after 12th Science – Its every kids dream to become a pilot when they grow up.If you are in junior college now or even finished class 12 science.Here is your chance.I will give you a list of institutes as well as the eligibility to join up for the flying courses so you can be on your way to get your CPL.

How to become a Commercial Pilot after 12th Science

When you join a flying club or training institute,they will give you 200 hours of flying experience in a single or twin engine aircraft which is mandatory by DGCA to get your CPL.Also there are a few theory papers that you need to pass to test your knowledge on instruments and regulations.This pilot examination is not very hard and can be cleared.

For students who have not done science in their 10+2 , they can goto the NIOS  – National Institute of Open Learning and get a certificate course done from there.

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SPL is Student Pilot License,which is required when you enroll as a steudent in a flying school.It is the first step in order to get your CPL

PPL is a private pilot license,means you can fly a small plane like Cessna 172 for fun or for a hobby.Many Hollywood actors have this license and fly their own small privately owned planes.You too can do this if you only want to fly without earning any money for it- non commercial.

By the way Actor John Travolta has a CPL and is one of the only celebrities to have that license,and he does not own a small plane,he has  a huge Boeing 777 and parks it next to this house,complete with its own runway!

CPL is the commercial pilot license that you need to get a job in an airline like Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific or air courier service like FEdex, DHL.

Eligibility to become a Pilot

  • First you need to get your SPL before you can go on to get your CPL.
  • you must be atleast 16 years of age to get your SPL
  • You should clear your class 1 medical exam performed by a doctor appointed by DGCA
  • You need 10+ in science with maths and physic or do it from NIOS
  • Excellent vision 6/6 both eyes
  • Pass the personal interview
  • Valid documents-passport,education certificates

What is Type Rating

This is the most important and expensive part of your training so read it carefully.

The flying school will train you to get a CPL in the aircraft that you are trained in meaning a Cessna 172 (mostly).This is a small plane,single engine and not enough to get  you a job as a Jumbo jet Pilot or any big commercial carrier.

So what do you do?

You can do the on job training when you sign up with an airline.You either pay for it upfront,which costs another 25-35 lacs or you choose to have it deducted from your monthly salary over a period of time.

So “Type” rating,is which “type” of jetliner you are flying.

About the CPL training course

After you get admission into a flying school,it will take you about 18 months to complete all your ground training in simulators as well as the 200 hours of practical flying.

Ground training consists of flying simulators and theory lectures like an other college course.This is the easy part,the practical training is most important.


these are various fees that Indian flying schools will charge you.Note that type rating fees will not be charged by the flying school but you will pay for it later after completing CPL training and get a commission into an airline.

  • Admission fees – approx Rs.25000
  • Medical Tests – Rs.7500
  • Tuition fees – Rs.1.25 lac
  • Flying fees – 200 hours @ 6500 per hour – 13lacs
  • Type Rating fees (later) – approx 25lacs
  • Total fees = 42-50 lacs approx

How much can you earn as a commercial pilot?

Here is an approximate salary index of pilots in India.

How to become a Commercial Pilot after 12th Science


For Pilot license you need to give a total of 6 papers,some of which are done online and others are OMR based.You can register for the written paper here. however the flying school you doing your training will help you out with the entire procedure.

  • This Pilot examination is hep four times a year in January,April,July and October

There is a total of 5 papers by the DGCA and one by the  Ministry of Aviation.

The subjects you need to study for this exam are –

  • Air Regulations
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Aviation Meteorolgy
  • Air Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight



You can either do a :


  • Modular IRA  or Modular Instrument Rating course- This teaches you various aspects of flight instruments,meteorology, Radio navigation and Flight planning.
  • MEP – Trains you in various subjects relted to Multi Engine aircraft.You will learn Engine systems,Fuel sytems,Airframes
  • ATPL – this is a type rating course and stands for Airline Transport Pilot License.It is similar to CPL but has more features to learn.

ADVANTAGES OF being a Commercial Pilot

  • Fly to foreign locations several times month
  • Live in 5 star hotels every time you land
  • Work only 20-22 days in a month and take the rest of the time off
  • High Salaries starting from 1 lac a month
  • Free Air travel for family
  • Opt for ground job anytime if not happy spending too much time in the air

Disadvantages of Being a Commercial Pilot

  • Long flight hours at a stretch with not enough rest
  • Continuous pressurized cabin environment will be bad for health after few years.
  • Continuous time zone changes totally spoils sleep patterns
  • Very stressful conditions when you are in charge of 300 lives in your hand
  • Not enough time for family life


















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