How to chose an Engineering college

How to chose an Engineering college

For most states in the country that have a centralised admission process for alotting of seats based on merit, you will still have quite an open option to decide and therefore i have created this short summary of points in order of importance to show you how to chose an engineering college. Note that these are all through my personal experience, and i hope they are valuable pointers for you.

feel good factor

Before the centralised admission process form filling took place, me and my friend decided to take a short roadtrip across town too all the probable colleges we might get admission into.Our objective was to tour the campuses, meet a few students, see the amenities, staff,infrastructure and basically just check out the place. If this was to be our second home for the next 4-5 years, it had to “feel good”, and we had to feel comfortable in it. Its hard to explain, but there were colleges we went to, which just didnt impress,and we knew in the admission rounds, if we had a choice in these colleges we should stay away from these and wait for the next round of available seats.

The reason this point is number one on the list is obvious. In the admission rounds,there isnt much time to do a review check of the college, you have to make a quick decision. This tour helped me and my friend “more or less” decide where we might and might not fit in.







How to chose an Engineering college

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