Is IIT JEE tough?


Is IIT JEE tough? – We’ve heard so much about it and we all want to try it,many people have discussed it,and we think to ourselves is IIT JEE tough?

The IIT JEE by many is considered the stepping stone to glory,the test that separates the cream from the rest,and justly so.about 10 years ago an additional test called the screening was introduced,sort of like a pre elimination round,a lighter,quicker and more objective hurdle,and those that passed ,would qualify for the IIT JEE.Its been scrapped,last year,we’ve heard.The big boys at btech probably figured one strech of agony would suffice.Now the IIT JEE , is what  we call a discipline,a religion,that you have to have faith in, and know that you will clear it,If you doubt yourself for even one second,you most definitely wont pass.Its like this premonition that you have when you pick up your first piece of study material,and look through it,its then that you know how you will stand,mixed feelings  wont do,you have to be sure and have that real confidence.

Ive known the smartest,brightest,(whatver adjective youd like to use to describe genius like ability) people that have taken the test and didn’t even come close to cracking IIT JEE,simply because they arnt as smart as they are made out to be.Marks based on an obscure test at  school level is no means of measuring true intellect,its only a memorizing pattern by rote.All those people who amazed us with their percent prowess at board level exams,have discipline, but most don’t have that extra edge,which is what the IIT JEE is searching for,because you cant study for the JEE by rote,there is nothing to memorize,only inbuilt application and practical excellence,whichi s why some of the students at IIT are fun people,not dull and boring dried up “toppers” who got their 95%  by doing nothing else in life except memorizing math !!

So,plainly put,IIT JEE is the single most,heart wrenching,gut pouring,soul stretching quest for intelligence you will ever encounter in your academic life,and for all of you who clear it,remember,,youre one step closer to genius!


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