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Importance of Education – Article | Essay | Speech -Ever since its inception, our website has aimed to do just one thing- Further the need for education,and nudge those that are having a hard time with their education.The Importance of Education is not only for the smart kids, its more for the weak and downtrodden, for those from lesser walks of life. They will need to try harder and sacrifice more in order to shine in this cut throat competitive world that tests our child’s intellect with examinations and tests.

Importance of Education for children

The reason we start school when we are five years old is because our minds at that age are fresh and unprejudiced. Jut like raw putty, those young minds are ready to be formed and molded and the primary school teachers do a great job to give them that start. The Importance of Education for children is of prime importance because at that tender age, ideas are easier to grasp and experiences and teachings can be scripted to last a lifetime. This is the reason children need to only be exposed to positive influences and ideas.After all they are the future of our race, and have to be nurtured with greatness so that they

Should u drop out and quit your education?

Lots of inspired individuals take example of tech billionaires who quit college to found megacorps. The likes of Mark zuckerberg, bill Gates and Larry Ellison are taken as idol examples, and many try to follow in their  footsteps thinking that they too will make it big if they quit education. This couldn’t be further from the truth because all these people who are being emulated, are firstly extremely gifted and smart. Also they had a rock hard business plan with funding before they took a big decision to quit. It didn’t happen overnight on a whim. Only if you plan on taking a  year of from college to try and setup a business, that is acceptable and risk free, however leaving your education behind totally on false is foolish. A degree/diploma can always come in handy later if your pet project does not take off. It is something to fall back on.

Importance of Education in life

The Importance of Education in life extends well beyond the walls of the classroom. your school or college can only teach you the fundamentals of education, and can give you the formal education as prescribed in the text books, but cannot steer away from that and is a rigid education system that is taught through the text book. In the real life your education is more practical in nature as compared to a theory text book system you are used to in school. The school teaches you the basics of the education system, and life teaches you how to implement it and how to use it. Here are some ways education can be important in life:

1.Helps you Choose a career

Perhaps the most interesting part of this paragraph is not the way education helps you get a job, but how it can help you choose a correct career path. One of the ways this works is to check your aptitude throughout the course of your school years. What are the vocational subjects you lean toward?How is your aptitude towards science or the arts?Are you a creative person or more of a sport oriented student? These are the questions you can ask your self before you indulge into a set career path. This is vital as your entire career depends on this.

2.Helps you get a job

Sadly for most people, this is the most popular reason why people strive for the Importance of Education. Many people have this wish that if they get a formal education they will want to become a doctor or an engineer. After that they will be set on a  life of good fortune and earn good wages.Maybe this is true up to a certain extent, as most state government jobs as well as private companies require you to have at least a matriculation level of education to secure any post or vacancy.

3.Keeps you Civil

Education is a discipline before it tries to teach you anything. It a subconscious process that remains ingrained in our minds, and helps us choose the right thing. Just like ancient religion was used to instill good in people by direct doctrine, education lets us sieve out the bad and be more polite,courteous and civilized. Without it,we are mere barbarians.

4.Advances society

Te greatest minds in our civilizations history, those that have made the betterment of our race reach greater height, the scientists,engineers and other notable figure that have contributed immensely to our growth since the industrial revolution have all been academics and educationists. NONE of them have been people who were not learned. So if you want to bring abut change then educate yourself

Importance of Education – Formal vs informal

Importance of Education can guide us on a path where we can choose with a traditional education degree or a non traditional diploma. There is no truth nowadays that degree courses like engineering and MBBS are the only sustainable and stable career paths. In modern times, there are numerous new age education courses that can earn more than the old degrees. Sure 25 years ago when technology and cultures was also in its nascent stages, there was a narrower field of education to choose from, but opinions and  changed and  avenues have opened up. The power and importance of education shows us how:

Traditional/Non Vocational Education 


One of the most sought after branches of education which is still high in demand. Almost every second student who does science in college goes in for engineering.This is because it is an age old profession that has roots since the last 100 years.Older generation of parents and grandparents push the young student into this course for the sole purpose of pride. They can proudly tell the neighbors and relatives that the child is doing engineering. In today’s times, there are many empty seats in engineering colleges, as more students are opting for different course. Even though the salary is not very high for fresher engineers, it is a tried and tested profession


The number one answer to “what you want to be when you grow up”. Many do not realize that getting into this profession is extremely hard, what is even harder is getting through the entire MBBS course, which involves lots of endless nights under the study lamp. Nowadays may student are opting to study MBBS in Russia and Nepal, which is not that expensive, but it easier to get into.


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3.Sol/cbse patrachar/nios

These are relatively new courses, but are relevant in our discussion because they are formal education courses and these three education boards have been especially implemented for those students who had difficulty in completing the regular course successfully. Setup by government schools, its a second chance for a lot o students, and signifies how important education is in today’s times even more so to move ahead in life.

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None traditional or vocational courses careers

1.Hotel Management – One of the more offbeat career choices after doing an initial round of formal education,this is a bold and fun move.In order to get here you need to clear an entrance exam- which is not that hard after your 10+2. A little bit of science knowledge is involved in the exam, but even without it, one can clear it.A small know how of number and maths is  good to have since it involves measurements of food items.In the recent wake of new privately funded resto bars and wellness center cafes, there is an open avenue to earn a handsome living after graduating and opting for this vocational course.Most of these courses take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to complete.


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Mobile Repairing Course2.Mobile repairing course – Since the last decade , ever since touch screen smartphones  have ruled the markets, together with it has also seen in influx and need for technicians and tradesman that have knowledge of the working and systems of the smartphone. This course can be taken by anyone who has even a high school diploma or grade 9, which does not mean its easy to go through. This involves good theory and practical knowledge of basic electronic circuits,reading instruments and keen interest in technology.Short term courses run from 30 days to 60 days for the advanced course.


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Importance of Education3.Import export course -For anyone who loves the global world of business and transport this is a good vocational course to enroll in. It still is fairly uncommon and uses a wide range of international maritime studies to be based on, this course not only deals with the theoretical aspects of transport of goods over international boundaries, but also the various customs laws imposed by different countries and how that affects the transfer and exchange of funds .


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4.Music Education Course– Music has for long always been regarded more of a hobby rather than an education that can transcend into a career. This is because of practical nature of the craft. Even though reading music through manuscripts is a large part the learning process and begins from writing notes on a manuscript book,playing an instrument or singing a tune is the fundamental basis of the program. To start off your musical education there are a few universities from the U.K. as well as one local school that can get you there.These schools can train you in classical, folk,rock or pop in vocals as well as instrumental, and the options are endless. The best part of this vocational course is that it can compliment another full time course and does not take up all of your time in the day. A student does studies engineering can also do a music course and get the benefits of both. This can in future create a dual source of employment and also gives a wide choice of career paths to embark on. A musical education will run almost throughout your young adult life, anywhere from 10-15 years.You can expect to start playing a small piece of music after about 8 months training.


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5.Fashion design course – there is a false notion that fashion design is only for girls. If you look at the top designers of the world, they are men. The biggest brands  like Versace,Calvin Klein,Valentino are male designers. Let this not stop anyone from expressing their creative side, and its an excellent opportunity for young students to go into this extremely skilled environment. After doing this course you can expect a job as a stylist at a fashion store, or in a company as a fashion designer. Garment manufacturers also will employ your services.This course will take anywhere from two to three years.


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Things you can do with an important education

Some important aspects of an important education can get you far ahead in life. Here are ways it can add value to your life :

1.go abroad with it– Once you finish with a strong basic education, this gives you the push to go abroad and expand yor horizons. There are two excellent opportunities for getting an education from a foreign university/college. One is the higher level of infrastructure that you are exposed to and better level of training that local colleges cannot impart, and the other is the work opportunity that all foreign students get. Most student visas allow about two years of work experience in that country after completing the course/diploma and can be extended further for another 3 years depending on the country.This gives you a fresh start to a new culture and what it can do for your future career is priceless.


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2.use it for business – Besides getting a job,education gives you a good base and imparts general ground basics to most avenues of business. Your high school and junior college might not give you detailed job centric insight,but will definitely  guide you along the right path and test your aptitude until you can join a professional course.

3,get a private/govt. /job with it– This is what majority of the students that seek education go in for.Many private and government jobs require a certain degree of education in order to get employment to a particular post. This is the absolute basic requirement for even a generalized job vacancy. Most companies ask for a graduation and some special posts require an additional qualification.





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