Is the worlds cheapest tablet akash worth buying


Is the worlds cheapest tablet akash worth buying -Finally being released into the market in 3 weeks,r bought online, the question on everyone’s mind is -is the worlds cheapest tablet akash worth buying? This can be asked in two ways.Is it worth the price?or is it worth owning? The price has more or less been settled at 1700 for students and 3000 for retail.We have already written about the 5 cheapest tablets in the market as of this moment.Question is,how does it compare to the existing ones and will be comparable to a lower range netbook.Let us take a look at the specs for the aakash and how it lines up against the likes of Wespro ,fujezone and other chinese made tabs.Remember that most of the chinese tablets are in the price range of 5000-6000.

  • Screen – 7” resistive
  • Operating System – Android 2.2
  • Processor  – 366 MHz in addition to Graphics Accelerator and HD Video Co-processor
  • Storage – 2GB Flash Memory with 2GB Micro SD card which is expandable up to 32GB
  • Memory -256 MB RAM
  • Network – Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Connectivity – 2 USB ports
  • Battery – 2100mAh
  • Web Browser – DataWind Accelerated Browser
These are specs for the student edition that costs 1700.In addition,the retail version will be armed with a 3g sim dock,where as the student version only has wifi inbuilt.
The sad news is that the amount of hype sorrounding his device is sure to keep people waiting for sometime before they actually get thier hands on it.Even a worse fear is for the millions of students that are anxiously waiting for thier tablet might have to wait it out a little bit longer as the demand is clearly very high.People are just curious to know how good it is rather than buy it for a purpose.This is similar to the news hype around the worlds cheapest car ,the nano,about a year ago.For starters,the original price of 100,000 that was promised,increased 50% .We hope this doesnt happen to the aakash tablet also.Another thing with the nano was that it didnt really impress alot of people.Again hoping the aakash impresses atleast halfway.It is afterall being manufactured locally. That being said,it might be a good idea to wait a few weeks after the reviews start coming in.Let the first few thousand get into the market and then you can probably buy one for your car,just to what all the fuss is about.


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