JBL full form


Meaning : James Bullough Lansing

Category : Business
Sub Category :Music technology 
Type : Initialism

There are 3 full forms of JBL

1.James Bullough Lansing

2.Japan Basketball League

3.Journal of Biblical Literature

What is the full form of JBL and meaning ?

The full form of  JBL is known mostly for thier construction equipment however there are 2 other meanings for sports and professional journal.

1.James Bullough Lansing – JBL is one of the worlds largest sound equipment manufacturers and is based in the US.Thier primary products are speakers,amplifiers and sound mixing hardware.

2.Japan Basketball League – Just like the NBA is the national league for Basketball in the US,Japan has its own known as the JBL

3.Journal of Biblical Literature – This is a reviewed set of studies and theological papers that are written by religious and cultural experts.

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