JCP full form


Meaning : James Cash Penney (J. C. Penney)

Category : Business
Sub Category :Retail stores  
Type : Initialism

There are 14 full forms of JCP

1.James Cash Penney (J. C. Penney)

2.Journal of Chemical Physics

3.Java Community Process

4.Journal of Clinical Pathology

5.Japanese Communist Party

6.Portuguese Communist Youth

7.Jim Crockett Promotions

8.Jobcentre Plus

9.Joint Combat Pistol

10.Journal of Consumer Psychology

11.Judicial corporal punishment 

12.Justice and Construction Party

13.Jenny Craig Pavilion 

14.Journal of Computational Physics

What is the full form of JCP and meaning ?

The full form of  JCP is not only limited to JC penny,but there are astonishingly 13 other variants of JCP.These all range from different industries like science,politics,judiciary,computers,business,armed forces and more.

1.James Cash Penney (J. C. Penney) – One of the biggest retail superstore in the US,it was named after its founder James Cash Penny and has shopping arcades in all states of America.

2.Journal of Chemical Physics – This is an academic science journal that is shared among the scholars and research scientists in the field of chemical physics.

3.Java Community Process – The elite java programmers from all over the world informally have come together to perpetuate advancements in java programming.

4.Journal of Clinical Pathology – A collection of papers and thesis written by clinical pathologists and published in a journal.

5.Japanese Communist Party – One of the most influential communist parties in Japan

6.Portuguese Communist Youth – An experimental organization that aimed to bring together all the youth and was promoted by the political party known as Portuguese communist party.

7.Jim Crockett Promotions – One of the premier promoters of wrestling in the US,they hosted and also represented the best fighters in the business.

8.Jobcentre Plus – This is an organization in the UK that helps people find jobs related to their background and skills.

9.Joint Combat Pistol – One of the many programs of combat training using arms and ammunition by the US military.

10.Journal of Consumer Psychology – This is a journal of papers published by various psychologists in the field of new research and findings.

11.Judicial corporal punishment – This is a judicial sentence of physical punishment awarded by a court of law for serious crimes and is rare but is passed in some extreme cases. 

12.Justice and Construction Party – Libya has seen little to no democracy but one of the political parties that made a mark was the justice and construction party.

13.Jenny Craig Pavilion – this is an arena that is used to host events and is a distinct landmark in the campus of the University of San Diego.

14.Journal of Computational Physics – This is an academic journal in science that deals primarily in the field of theoretical computational physics.

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