JET full form


Meaning : Joint Engine Technology

Category : Computers
Sub Category :Database
Type : Acronym

There are 6 full forms of JET

1.Joint Engine Technology

2.Journal of Economic Theory

3.Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme

4.Journalists Environmental association of Tanzania

5.Joint European Torus

6.Joint Entrance Test

What is the full form of JET and meaning ?

The full form of JET has 6 different meanings ranging from technology,education,programs and professional journals among others.

1.Joint Engine Technology – This is a database that is used by Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Office

2.Journal of Economic Theory – This is an academic set of papers that are written by professionals in the trade.

3.Japan Exchange and Teaching Program – This is a teaching program between Japanese students and other countries to aid in language and cultural exchange.

4.Journalists Environmental association of Tanzania – This is a watchdog association in Tanzania to keep a check on the impact of urbanization on the environment and wildlife.

5.Joint European Torus – This is an experimental energy program that is aimed at checking whether fusion energy can be viable form of energy for industrial and commercial usage.

6.Joint Entrance Test – This is an engineering entrance test conducted by the IIT – Indian Institute of Technology to give admission into their colleges.

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